Legrand’s Axiom system shows why IoT products are a ‘smart’ solution for commercial projects  

Operating connected devices through the Internet of Things is set to be a game-changer for electrical contractors. They are proliferating today’s residential, commercial and industrial markets and are transforming projects within the building infrastructure sectors.

Whether it is through using automatic sensors, reducing energy consumption, or performing mandatory tests remotely, a number of large facilities are turning to connected, or ‘smart’ products for ease of useability, less maintenance, and more control.

An example of how the Internet of Things enhances product performance is seen in Legrand’s AXIOM system. Designed and manufactured in Australia, AXIOM is a wireless computer monitoring system for testing emergency lighting. All lights communicate back to an area controller, which is connected to a site’s LAN network.

AXIOM has been specifically designed to suit Australian and New Zealand standards for testing and building compliance. Once connected to a site’s LAN network, tests can be run remotely on a tablet or smart phone. The remote interconnectivity means that contractors can stay mobile and are free to work on another job during the testing period.

A recent case study on Sydney’s 333 George Street, a flagship destination for contemporary lifestyle office spaces, discusses how AXIOM was used for their commercial project. Voltimum recommends another medium to large business projects, which are well-suited to AXIOM 

Legrand’s latest AXIOM brochure outlines why this monitoring system is an all-rounder solution for keeping you safe, connected and compliantwww.legrand.com.au

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