Legrand takes home THREE wins in the Electrical Connection “Most Popular Awards”

Every year, Electrical Connection embarks on a nationwide hunt to find out the most preferred brands used by experts in the electrical field. The industry has spoken and the results are in…

…and Legrand took home the top award in the following categories:

  1. USB powerpoints,
  2. Door Entry/Intercom systems, and
  3. Emergency/Exit Lighting.

Let’s take look at why these ranges are turning heads.

Setting the trends for USB charging

Legrand was one of the first players to offer USB charging solutions in powerpoints and wall plates. Since then, the company has maintained its competitive edge by introducing the 2×2.4A super-fast charging USB range, allowing the user to charge two tablets simultaneously at full speed. This was closely followed by the introduction of the hybrid-style USB charger. Equipped with a Type A and C USB port, this device is specifically designed to suit the transition of current and new technologies.

Having no intention of slowing down in this space, Legrand recently released its most powerful ‘in-the-wall’ solutions for Type-C high power: the Excel Life Type-C 60W USB charger. The 60W charging capacity means the Type-C USB has the ability to connect much larger electrical equipment. Now, you have a product that ticks the boxes for speed, compatibility and top-quality performance.

powerpointCombining technology and sophistication with automation

As we all know, networked devices have become embedded in contemporary culture. The Internet of Things, for example, has opened up incredible opportunities for the electrical and building sectors.

Considering these trends, Legrand’s Door Entry and Intercom Systems bring Smart Living to your doorstep. A prime example is BTicino’s CLASSE300X13E, the latest connected internal video door entry system. Combining technology with elegant design, it enables the user to answer a door call from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.


Associated to the Linea 3000 external panel, BTicino’s CLASSE300X13E represent a modern and robust solution, perfectly adapted to single-house dwellings, as well as multi-rise apartments. This gives a complete automation solution that is strong on the outside and smart on the inside.


Leading The Way in Emergency Lighting

Legrand has long cemented itself as a leader in Emergency Lighting; Some industry favourites include:

  • Securit LED Exit Signs– A tamper-resistant exit sign designed for institutional environments and correctional facilities. It features an unbreakable flexible thermo plastic diffuser, which cannot be used as a weapon if dislodged. Anti-tamper resitork screws prevent the removal of the sign, while a thick 6mm interior cover prevents entry to electronic components and LEDs.  Four watt LEDs deliver up to 50,000 hours of light, reducing the need for regular maintenance.
  • Large LED Exit Signs– The range comprises of 32, 48 and 60 metre viewing distances. These are ideal for large shopping centres, entertainment venues and industrial applications. An auto-disconnect terminal block provides added safety.  
  • E2 edgelight LED Exit Sign – This award-winning range delivers sleek and modern aesthetics for office buildings and indoor public areas. Winner of a 2015 Good Design Award and a Commendation Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of New South Wales, this exit sign is designed to deliver unobtrusive high performance.

But, this is only the beginning of how Legrand is propelling forward in Emergency Lighting.

Released to the market in July this year, Legrand launched the market’s leading commercial IoT Emergency Lighting solution, GALAXY: the Connected Emergency Lighting System®. This is a state of the art Emergency Lighting monitoring system for smart buildings. Manufactured in Australia, it is specifically designed to streamline the process of testing Emergency Lighting. From specifying and installation, through to day-to-day monitoring and testing, GALAXY creates one simple solution.


With the constant evolution of technological shifts, Legrand has kept its finger on the pulse when it comes to adapting to these changes and meeting industry demands. At this rate, we look forward to seeing how many awards the company will take home next year! www.legrand.com.au

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