Legrand Simplifies Smoke Safety with New Flush Mounted Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

In 2017, new smoke alarm legislation was introduced in Australia making Photoelectric smoke alarms the standard. To coincide with this tough new legislation, Legrand released its surface-mount smoke alarm, which was considered the watchdog of choice in 2017.

Determined to continually improve and simplify its products, Legrand is set to launch its latest innovation in top quality smoke detection – the flush mounted smoke alarm. Like its surface-mount partner, the new flush-mount uses photoelectric technology for optimum protection against smouldering fires.

Tailored for your next project

While the flush-mount provides a neat and tidy finish with its simple and unobtrusive aesthetics, Legrand has also made it ultra streamlined in terms of installation and maintenance. Here’s why it’s an ideal solution for residential and commercial properties:

  • Inter-connectable: The device can be connected to a maximum of 20 units.
  • Integrated lithium battery: Gone are the days of battery changing, the lithium battery eliminates the need to ever change the battery. Simply replace the entire unit after 10 years of use.
  • Hassle-free installation: The flush-mount uses the same cut-out as a 90mm downlight. This means any down light with these measurements can be easilyreplaced to house this unit.

legrand smoke alarm

Optimum performance, ultimate protection

Working with specialist researchers, engineers and electricians, Legrand has introduced several innovations to ensure its product offers optimum safety:

  • Protective covering: An enclosure which stays encased around the device during the installation process, acting as the smoke detector’s protective armour to avoid any dust or dry-wall particles skewing the sensor reading.
  • Internal mesh covering: A fine mesh covering around the detection chamber within the device. The fine material of the mesh covering reduces smaller dust particles and other foreign matter from entering, which improves the performance of the infrared technology to accurately detect smoke. This has been a key innovation for mitigating the notoriously known false-tripping we have all experienced with smoke alarms!
  • Safe Installation ceiling clamps: The mounting unit is fitted with safety clips to ensure it’s securely fitted into the ceiling before the electronic unit can be attached.
  • Suitable for Commercial Installations: Featuring a compact canister (52mm), this product is suited to the ceiling space found in many commercial installations.
  • Fully compliant: Adheres to the Safety Standard – AS 3786:2014.

For more information visit www.legrand.com.au

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