Innovative use of Acrylic Cylinders in Architecture

Acrylic tubes offer the architect or designer a new dimension in interior and exterior commercial fit-outs.

The cylinders are available in a wide range of diameters from 10mm up to 500mm. As well as the standard clear (transparent) tubes can also be made in Opal or Satin finish to diffuse light or offer a touch of mystique to the environment.

Recently Allplastics applied a custom extruded satin finish acrylic tubes for a commercial project in Sydney. The tubes were expertly installed by the Boys Project team. The result is a stunning one.

Similar satin acrylic tubes were installed in the Sydney Casino in 2000.

In other commercial projects, Acrylic Tubes have been used as conference room partitions in the Commonwealth Bank headquarters in Sydney allowing the room to have a marked border with a series of 120mm diameter cylinders while allowing transparency to colleagues sharing the office floor.

Clear Acrylic tubes can also be filled with water for exhibition stands, product demonstrations of fish tanks. They can be filled with products and memorabilia in department stores, sporting venues and hospitality venues.

In other venues such as the Rockpool Restaurant solid acrylic rods have been used as decorative elements on the windows of the restaurant in Sydney.

Another innovative design is the use Clear Acrylic Solid rods 50mm diameter used in the Head office of the SA Water Corporation in Adelaide.

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