IKEA celebrates its 75th birthday

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, IKEA is bringing back a plethora of its vintage favourites from the past decades, re-introducing some of its most famed pieces in three separate launches. Pulling from its catalogues from the 1950s to the 2000s, many of the reintroduced products will be updated with contemporary names, materials, colours and functions.

The Ekenäset armchair and the Lövet table

Founded in July 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish furniture giant rose from being a small post order business to being the largest furniture retailer in the world. To celebrate its history of iconic design and give thanks to its loyal customers, IKEA seeks to make beloved pieces of vintage furniture accessible to the wider public. Titled the Gratulera series, the collections will include variations of IKEA’s armchairs, textiles, lighting and tableware pieces, including the first Klippan sofa and its classic Ekenäset armchair.

“Some of the products are icons of vintage furniture — they’re everywhere today! I still buy IKEA vintage in auctions and second-hand shops. I see people having this desire for history and heritage,” stated Karin Gustavsson, IKEA’s creative leader.

First launch – 1950s-60s
Second launch – 1970s-80s

Each launch will focus on a specific period of time in IKEA’s history and will be released internationally this spring. The first launch spotlights the 1950-60’s, showcasing dark-wooded midcentury furniture including the 1956 Lövet table, IKEA’s first flat-pack table. The second launch, focuses on the 1970-80s, featuring bold colours, quirky designs and loud prints. This collection the Klippan sofa, one of IKEA’s first affordable sofas and known for its comfortable, puffy design, a tribute to the 80s Memphis group design movement. The last collection brings back furniture from the 1990-2000’s, defined by minimalist graphic patterns and natural, untreated wood.

Third launch – 1990s-2000s

“An icon is an icon because it’s unexpected, or considered an innovation of its time,” stated Gustavsson. The pieces in this collection are revived for their timeliness, comfort, their boldness of design and their enduring allure to customers years later.

The Gratulera collection will be available worldwide from August 2018.

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