HPM’s latest DLI Downlight – One light. Three colours. Multiple lighting moods.

The launch of HPM’s DLI Series turned many heads back in 2016. Legrand’s NATA-accredited laboratory proved their supreme performance and exceptional lifespan of 35,000 hours with 3 years warranty. These energy-saving LEDs were also known for their compatibility with most transformers, which significantly reduced the chances of flashing or flickering. The DLI Series also featured a ‘screw-less’ terminal cover for ease of installation. With their supreme performance, simple installation and prolonged lifespan, it is no wonder why they have been a contractor’s ‘go-to’ choice for a reliable LED downlight.

Fast-forward to just over a year later and HPM is not done with adding more surprises to this range . . .

The DLI Downlight Series has just released its newest addition to the range, introducing its latest light that comes with a colour-changing switch. The light colour selector provides three different lighting options: Warm (3000K), Cool (4,000K) and Natural (5,000K). This allows for an array of lighting options that will create a completely different ambience. Whichever lighting mood your client wants, a simple flick of the colour-changing switch will deliver the ideal look and feel for a space.

This product exists in 3 versions : 90mm, 110mm or 150mm cut-out to satisfy all types of installations.

Combining the versatility of the colour changing switch with an IP rating of 44 and an Insulation rating of IC-4, the DLI Downlight with the Colour Changing Switch is sure to keep up its ‘head-turning’ reputation! For more information, visit www.hpm.com.au.

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