How a facade affects the urban environment

A façade is far more than just the protective shell of a building. Its design not only characterises the building itself but also influences – often visible from far away – the urban environment. The urban environment is a key consideration for town planning authorities who are interested in the built form and the façade presentation itself. Factors such as colour, reflectivity, articulation and texture are all relevant.

façade solutions

Our in-house planning department and specialised staff provide professional support during the design development phase to architects, engineers and developers to implement customised façade solutions which are capable of complementing the urban environments in which they sit.

In addition to design considerations, our ceramic tiles are one of a kind when it comes to their air purifying capabilities. 1000sqm of our ceramic façade is equal to the air purification of 70 deciduous trees providing great environmental benefits. HT-coated ceramic tiles have a self-washing effect which ensures a low cleaning effort and improves air quality. All façade components can also be easily recycled after de-construction providing a sustainable façade solution.

Ceramic Solutions’ facades facilitate a lengthy useful life for new builds or alternatively extend the longevity of existing buildings.

A façade plays an important role in characterising buildings but also influences the surrounding urban environment. If you would like assistance in planning a project which takes into consideration the urban environment, contact us on (03) 9545 5322, or get in touch with one of our expert team members at [email protected]

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