GOODWOOD & ALPINE OAK in King Street Project

Images: Art Department Creative

The task: transform an outdated, monotonous interior space into a series of well integrated, light filled and warm areas. The team at PLY Architecture pulled this off marvelously.

Images: Art Department Creative

With the help from Liink Group and Hastings Design, PLY Architecture used GOODWOOD Victorian Ash and other timber finishes throughout the entire project to seamlessly ribbon each space together.

Director of PLY, Benjamin Edwards explains “The stairway space is the main focal point. The combination of solid blade elements offset by a wrapping of GOODWOOD DAR screens vertically connects the entire volume. Throughout the rest of the fit out GOODWOOD DAR screens are used to create permeable thresholds to arrange space.”

Images: Art Department Creative

Not only was GOODWOOD featured throughout the home, PLY highlighted our ALPINE OAK product for the feature wall in the master bedroom. The ALPINE OAK grains provide a warm rustic personality, which offsets against the dark floor and white walls.

Images: Art Department Creative

PLY Architecture has effortlessly incorporated beautiful Victorian Ash into every room, using stains and size to create depth and versatility. While some pieces of timber remain natural, others are stained with Whittle Waxes Treatex Colour Tones in Antique Oak and Hardwax Oil in Matte.

Benjamin from PLY further explains “we used Victorian ash to match the cabinetry because the soft natural tones allowed a very close match to the walnut once stained. The profiles of the DAR worked well proportionally with our design intent and aesthetic balance”.

Images: Art Department Creative

To match GOODWOOD Victorian Ash with the rest of ASH’s range, order a sample. For more information on each of ASH’s products, head to their webpage and take your pick!

Images: Art Department Creative


  • 32 x 65mm GOODWOOD Stairs
  • 32 x 110mm GOODWOOD stained with walnut


  • 33mm GOODWOOD Victorian Ash stained with walnut

Feature wall:

  • Alpine Oak – natural
Images: Art Department Creative

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