Gold Mirror Ceiling Panels Manly Vale Hotel

Gold Signbond™ Aluminium Composite Panels were supplied by Allplastics for the ceiling panels at the Manly Vale Hotel renovation on the northern beaches of Sydney.

Expertly installed by the EM Cabinet Making team the gold reflective surface achieved the desired effect by the designers.

Signbond™ Aluminium Composite Panels come with a high gloss surface on one side and matte finish on the other. This will allow it to be screen printed, spray painted or for the application of vinyl graphics.

The Aluminium sides of the Signbond™ are 0.2mm for the 3mm sheet and 0.3mm (4.0mm sheet).

The ACR can be can be cut folded, rolled without the issue associated with deformation, delamination or wrinkling.

Signbond™ sheets have an easy peel protective film. The sheets are available in wide range of colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, charcoal, brushed aluminium, gold mirror and silver mirror.

For the signage sector, white and black are the most popular sheet available in 2440mm X 1220mm to 4000mm X 2000mm.

For large corporate projects, colour matching service is available.

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