Garage Door Sizes Australia

Garage door sizes in Australia is a big concern for those residing in the country or those that are renting. In Australia, there are different types of garage doors that can fit their specific needs and requirements. They offer brass, steel, aluminium, as well as some other materials. Various companies also offer different colours such as white, tan and grey. The prices of these materials range from $25 to $40 per square meter depending on the type and material of the garage door available.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

There are two types of standard garage door sizes in Australia. A smaller garage door size and a larger garage door size. The average size of a single garage door is 2.4 meters wide and 2.1 meters high. This standard garage door size is suitable for most homes and can hold up to 2 cars, depending on its width and overall garage space. New garage doors have a variety of opening systems.

Larger Garage Door Size

The larger garage door size is usually used for larger families and those who have bigger cars that need more than one door opening. This type of larger garage opening is usually fitted with a double garage door. This means that the garage can potentially be big enough to accommodate a large vehicle as well as a scooter or a motorcycle. The larger garage door size also gives people more storage areas, especially if they were to take out their vehicles from time to time whenever there are family members going out on a picnic or camping somewhere in the wilderness. It can store all of these items as well as accommodating the other small items needed for such an activity.

Problems that Affect Garage Door Sizes

Before buying garage doors in Australia, one needs to consider a few factors carefully.

How Big is My Garage?

The most important factor in measuring your garage so that you get the proper measurements of the door. This may ensure that your newly bought door fits perfectly within your garage. Measure the door opening accordingly or get a professional service to do it for you.

Which Material could I Choose?

Picking out the right material for your garage door is very important. It could be able to complement the look of your house exterior while providing you with the required level of security. Either choose a colour that can blend in or, if preferred, one that stands out from other garage doors around the neighbourhood.

How Much am I Willing to Pay?

The prices of different garage doors vary depending on their size and type. Inferior types might only cost as low as $300 but may most likely not provide enough protection or may require frequent maintenance which then costs more money over time. More expensive options might cost up to $10,000 but considering all factors they are a better deal in terms of value for money. For instance, doors made out of strong materials like steel may last longer and are much more secure than their counterparts.

Do I Want an Automatic Door?

If you’re facing problems with opening heavy garage doors then an automatic door might be the best option for you. Automatic doors come with a remote control to allow easy access in and out of your garage, especially when carrying groceries or other stuff from your car. In addition, automatic doors open up automatically when sensing motion within a certain range, turning off lights or unlocking security gates before allowing entry into one’s property.

How Safe do I Need My Garage Door to be?

A garage door has different types of safety features available, depending on different models. They can protect against fire, intruders, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. For some people like parents with young children, an automatic door that unlocks itself when your child is near might be a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you reside in the countryside then opting for garage doors that are more secure might be better to protect against animal raids or robberies.

How Much do I Need My Garage Door to Withstand?

Different weather conditions can affect different types of materials used to construct one’s garage door. Cold winter nights may not have as much of an impact on steel compared to aluminium given its higher heat conductivity allowing it to absorb heat from the sun which causes the metal to expand during hot days.

Which Material is Best Suited for My Climate?

Different garage door materials also have different temperature tolerances which affect one’s choice of materials. For instance, steel is less flexible than aluminium but offers better protection against fire.

Are They Energy Efficient?

Modern garage doors come equipped with an ‘E’ mark that is awarded to those models that are able to provide insulation during the summer and winter months resisting heat transfer through convection. These can help keep your home cooler during hot days saving you money on unnecessary expenses making your house more comfortable for living.

In Australia, you can find many different types of doors available at various price points for various customers depending on factors like the customer’s requirements and budget. With all these options it is important to note that after determining what type of door you need and how much you are willing to pay for it, comparing the different types of garage doors available in the market is essential. This may help save your money and time by getting a product that works best for your needs.

Are They Noise Proof?

Upon choosing the right type, one may also consider factors like noise and vibration as well as durability especially when moving or opening them because all these may affect your family’s peace and quiet making it hard to sleep at night or concentrate on work during the day. The ideal door could be easy to open from both inside or outside allowing entry even during heavy rains or other inclement weather provided one takes necessary precautions beforehand.

Aspects such as insulation options become very important especially for those living in colder parts of the country or when you want to prevent your heater from turning on when it’s extremely cold during winter giving you more savings in electricity. Modern designs are sleeker with fewer pieces compared to older style doors with excellent insulation making them quieter than their predecessors. This is an area where the costlier ones offer better quality given their heritage detailing and precise mechanisms that make opening and closing them easier while keeping noise levels down to a minimum.

Do I Need Extra Security Features?

Security protection for these doors comes in different forms depending on what one wants to protect against whether it be fire, intruders, tornadoes, hurricanes or even animal raids. People who live alone might find it necessary to have something more secure like a double garage door for added protection while others might find it unnecessary to shell out extra dollars for something they feel is not needed. Finally, one may consider what may be stored within their garage when choosing the best door that fits their needs. If you are planning on storing chemicals or even petrol then perhaps opting for more secured options with thicker, fireproof materials would be better suited.

What Type of Doors do You Have?

What is important to remember though regardless of how long one reads about different types of garage doors available in the market online is to discuss your requirements with trusted professionals who can guide you towards products that work best for your specifications and budget constraints while prioritizing safety over everything else through the various tests conducted by international certification bodies before being approved fit for use. So whether you want something that is more secure, insulated, or as long as it fits your needs and budget as well as functionality there’s no reason why you could not find the right type of door for your garage.

garage door sizes australia
Garage Door Idea

Types of Garage Doors

There are at least 7 different types of garage doors available in the market today in Australia. These are roller doors, sectional garage door, metal carport, up and over, tilt doors, bifold and aluminium. Here’s a brief description of each type so you know which one is best suited to your needs.

Sectional and Roller Door

These types of garage doors in Australia are made up of several smaller panels that slide vertically while openings in the middle allow you to pull or push your vehicle inside. The best part about both sectional doors and roller doors is that they come with insulation while being strong and durable making them a great option if you want something that may keep heat inside during winter and heat outside during summer. They can also be sectioned off into smaller units for use as screen doors which makes them perfect for outdoor use where one might not want an entire set because it can provide unrestricted access but still offer some protection from animal raids, insects and other elements. Garage door openers are an optional extra for these types of doors.

Roller Doors

A roller door is a type of garage door that operates using a track and wheel system. You need adequate garage space to accommodate one. This has an advantage over other doors because it can be easily rolled up into the ceiling thereby not taking up valuable space within your garage. It’s great if you have things you need to park as you can save some valuable space for this purpose as well as vehicles without compromising on security thanks to the lock which is available on most modern models.

A roller door is one of the least expensive types of doors you may find in Australia today, provided they fit your budget allowing those who are on a tight budget to buy more than one given several models come with more than one panel thus providing additional width and height options. That said, a roller door type tends to be noisy when opening and closing so if you are fussy about noise levels then this one might not be your first choice.

Sectional Garage Door

A sectional garage door is also known as a roller shutter or tilt door which is used in warehouses, factories or commercial buildings where there’s no space for up and over or bifold doors. Unlike the roller door, sectional doors generally roll on their side with panels stacked vertically allowing users to drive right into their garages without having to open swing out like carports. These are great for those living in windy areas given they close down tightly protecting what’s inside from any damage due to strong winds.

Aluminium Sectional Garage Door

These are manufactured with materials that can be recycled totalling approximately 70% consisting of panels in various colours with their weight ranging from 600kgs upwards depending on size requirements making them highly durable while being easy to maintain because they don’t rust or warp easily even when exposed to extreme conditions both hot and cold throughout the year. The cost for such a door may vary depending on several factors such as the thickness of the panels, the style you want and what features are necessary for your requirements.

Steel up and Over Doors

These are also referred to as roll-up garage door types in Australia because they consist of large panels in either steel or aluminium that can be rolled across overhead when in use usually manually by use of a hand crank or motorized depending on their size and weight making them relatively inexpensive compared to other types. They don’t offer much insulation but if protection from external elements is all you need then this is one type of door that may serve your needs well. What’s good about them is that they come with all kinds of finishes and colours so you can match them to your home décor décor quite easily.

Up and Over Metal Garage Door

They usually consist of 3-4 panels manufactured using high-quality steel with insulation in between both sides while being strong and rust-resistant making them perfect for use year-round. The best part about this type of door is that it can be sectioned off into smaller units for use as screen doors which makes them perfect for outdoor use where one might not want an entire set because it can provide unrestricted access but still offer some protection from animal raids, insects and other elements.

Custom Garage Doors

All looks and no function can be a recipe for disaster even when it comes to doors because if the garage door doesn’t fit perfectly then it could cause external damage such as creating holes in your wall while making it more difficult for you to open and close. That’s why this type of door is customized according to your requirements using just about any material that comes to mind due to advances in manufacturing technology enabling them to be tough, secure and stylish at the same time. So whether you want one that is designed with show car finishing or something rustic with weathered edges, there’s always something out there suitable for your needs which means they are perfect if you want a unique look.

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