Garage Door Installation Cost

Installing garage doors is not recommended for do-it-yourselfers, even if the manual says you can install it yourself. If you have not done anything related to garage doors before, plan on hiring professional garage door installers. Otherwise, your safety and security are at risk.

Who can Install Your Garage Door?

The fact is, a proper new garage door installation job is crucial, so make sure that all parts function properly and work safely. There are certain standards an automatic garage needs to meet even in preliminary testing, the same holds true for final testing by certifying agencies.

Garage door installers may be experienced in various types of spring tension settings especially balancing the garage doors correctly using this experience he/she may be able to make the garage doors run smoothly and without any noise.

Installation is a two-person job because of the size, weight and awkwardness of garage doors. Unless you have more than one assistant that can help, it may be best if you get a professional garage door installer who has been in business for years specializing in garage doors installation. Try to find local garage door installers.

Due to their expertise, they know how to save more time by minimizing the need for adjustments during the final stage of installation, which might take a while depending on your garage door.

There are many types of garage doors such as roller doors, double garage door, tilt doors, your door might be an old garage door, sectional overhead doors and more. All this increases your garage doors cost for replacement.

The cost of installing an average garage door in Australia is around $60 per hour, without the door itself.

Types of Garage Doors

There are some types of garage door installation available for your home.

On-site Installation

This means the installer may come to your house or business and may install your garage door there. You can choose one that suits you best. The cost of on-site installation is around $500 which includes all parts needed to be installed on the door, removing any existing doors if not damaged, wood replacement if necessary, weatherstripping and insulation, etc.

Most homeowners who have little experience hiring workers typically go with this type of garage door installation because they are sure it may be done right since professionals are doing it for them.

Pre-hung Unit Installation

The pre-hung unit type consists of a complete door unit with jambs and hardware included. This type of installation is done by placing the garage door unit inside the existing garage opening and securing it to the wall studs using metal tracks at both sides and an anchor plate on top.

Pre-hung installations are typically cheaper than standard or custom ones. If you already have a steel-framed opening, then that’s even better since it may not require any carpentry work such as adding concrete footings and framing to accommodate your new door material. The cost for pre-hung unit installation averages $400 including hardware, weather stripping and insulation.

Standard Installation

This is also called “site-built”, requiring ripping off old parts from an existing door and building new ones to fit in with your door requirements (size, colour choice, etc.). The installer may need to frame your new garage door, add concrete footings and install steel tracks on both sides.

Custom Installation

A custom-built installation is the most popular type from homeowners because of its flexibility in choosing a style, material and finish that suits their taste for design. Since it’s done exclusively by the installer, you can expect him/her to spend more time on this job trying to come up with a customized installation that is perfect for your home or business.

The price ranges from $700 upwards depending on how complicated it is going to be dealing with existing materials and finishes found in the area selected. Keep in mind that this type of garage door installation requires extensive carpentry work inside the opening framed precisely to support your particular garage door.

More about Garage Door Installation Costs

The average cost of a pre-hung or standard unit ranges from $500 to $700 while a full custom one costs over $1000. If you have a two-car garage, then expect to pay more as it’s going to be wider and bigger compared with those used for single garages.

Moreover, the material used can affect its price, steel being higher than wood because of its durability and efficiency as an insulator. It also requires more expertise working with this very heavy material as opposed to wood which is lighter in weight and easy to handle by most people. This is why some prefer using solid core over hollow ones like fibreglass because it offers better insulation against heat and cold.

garage door installation costs
How to Install a Garage Door

Garage Door Styles

There are three most popular styles of garage door available in the market. The different types are:

Roll-up Garage Doors

Roller doors are installed horizontally, having a header track above them on all four sides and they roll up vertically within the overhead tracks. A roller door can be made out of wood or steel with different insulation materials depending on your needs. The average garage door prices for roller door types ranges from $650 up to $1500. A roller door is considered the most common.

Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional door type is considered a better idea for double car garages having the same height on both sides. Sectional doors are hinged together with rollers at each side, creating a large opening when opened. The average cost for a sectional door style runs between $800 and $2000 depending on its size and insulation quality used.

How Much does a Garage Door Installer Cost?

The average hourly rate for a professional installer ranges from $50 to $100 depending on how complicated it is going to be dealing with existing materials and finishes found in the area selected. If you already have an opening ready for this job, then that’s even better because they may not need any carpentry work.

Keep in mind that garage door installation labour costs are separate from material expenditures so don’t just base your decision on price alone but also factor in time spent to complete the project thoroughly.

Motors and Remotes

You can also choose the garage door opener. There are two kinds of garage door openers that you can pick from: a garage door opener that pulls the door up and down by a cable chain, or a garage door opener with a screw-type that works much like how it’s installed on cars.

The average cost for a garage door opener varies from around $100 to $400 depending on its horsepower, brand name used, installation requirements, whether they are automatic openers and warranty terms offered.

Whether you do the installation yourself or hire professionals to install your garage doors, make sure they check out these important factors as well as their overall quality and style before buying them.

Safety Features

it’s very essential to take note of cables and springs so don’t settle with the first ones you find because mishandling with them can pose a threat to you and those around you.


Go for one with pleasing aesthetic value like wood or steel which offers better insulation against noise and cold. It could also have enough insulation materials used on the interior of the unit especially if it’s going to be facing your living room or master bedroom since this part of your house is more prone to heat and moisture from outside elements.

Most importantly, you could choose a style that suits your needs best so don’t just pick out something because it looks good but also make sure there are ways on how you may be opening and closing it most of the time.

Warranty Terms

look at the warranty offered by garage door manufacturers particularly its parts such as springs, rollers and hinges. If possible, go for those with a lifetime warranty or at least, 5 to 10 years as the standard warranty coverage they offer as these parts may need replacement after several years of use.

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