Future-proof the way you charge with the Excel Life Hybrid USB Charger!

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USB is the standard when it comes to connectivity. From smartphones, iPads, desktop computers, digital cameras and fitness bands, to the new wearable connected watches – USB charges just about any electronic device.

Technological developments are rapildy progressing and evolving, with most devices moving towards the USB Type C connectivity. Working with researchers and engineers, Excel Life is one of the first to produce a product that is keeping up with this ever-growing, fast-data connectivity.

Our solution is a hybrid-style USB charger that is redefining the future of USB charging. The device is equipped with a Type A and Type C port. This means that it is designed to suit the transition of current and new technologies.

How many times have you plugged your USB in upside-down?

We’ve all had this frustration when plugging into Type A USB ports! The Type C port is made symmetrical, so you will be able to plug it in with no hassle at all.

The Excel Life ‘Hybrid style’ USB Charger caters to all current and future data connectivity – so future proof the way you charge! Visit www.excellife.com.au for more information.

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