Fire and ice inspired the Fulong Exhibition Center

A coveted upcoming project, the Fulong Exhibition Center in Chongli, China, will be designed by GroupGSA. The architects won the project in a bidding competition and will be involved until construction is completed in December. The building will be used as an information centre, recording the history and culture of the Chongli region, as well as offering information for the activities happening at the Four-Season Town Ski Resort during the 2022 Winter Olympics, which Chongli will host.

Located at the main entrance of the Four Seasons Resort, the design of the dynamically shaped landmark is inspired by the surrounding mountain peaks and winding snow trails. GroupGSA’s design for the 4610m2 project will appear to almost be an extension of the mountain, granting visitors breathtaking panoramic views. GroupGSA drew on the theme, Fire and Ice, to represent the resort’s two major tourist seasons, integrating elements that can adapt to both hot and cold weather in its façade.


fulong building in the snow

fulong building in the summer spring green

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