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Fences & Boundary Protection in Australia

Fences are important for keeping pets, children and other animals in the yard. They also provide a sense of security for homeowners by adding an extra layer of protection from unwanted guests. There are many different types of fences that can be installed to suit both modern and traditional Australian homes. This article will give you some pointers on what type of fence is best for your property, as well as how much it might cost to install them.
In Australia, there’s been a trend towards installing timber fences because they look attractive and natural – perfect for those who want their house to blend into its surroundings rather than stand out like a sore thumb! The wood used to make these types of fences comes in several varieties including pine, cedar and cypress. Some even have a preservative finish to protect them from weathering and insects. This type of fence is often referred to as picket fencing because the wood sections are slim, upright posts that are spaced out fairly close together. The top rail provides additional support while also giving the fence a horizontal appearance. However, these can struggle to provide privacy as they offer no solid barrier between the area in front of the fence and that behind.
A timber fencing with a picket top rail and latticework below it to provide privacy. If you want greater privacy, wooden fences can be installed alongside a variety of plants such as privacy hedges or holly bushes. This will add both visual appeal and functionality to your property by stopping the view from the street but not obstructing it completely. One of the best things about this type of fence is that it’s very easy to maintain – consider how much time you have available each week for gardening when choosing what kind of fence you’d like in your backyard. Some homeowners keep their wood fences looking great by giving them an annual power wash, while others prefer to leave them untreated and simply allow them to weather over time. Fencing made from metal or wire panels is quite common, especially for commercial properties where privacy needs to be closely maintained. However, this type of fence consumes more space than other materials and can look unsightly if not installed properly. They’re also not suitable around pools as they pose a drowning risk for pets and children.
Vinyl fencing is popular with many homeowners because it’s extremely easy to install even by untrained individuals. It can give a property an attractive appearance while still providing all the functionality required by pet owners and parents of young children. The material is fairly durable but should be regularly inspected for signs of hail damage, insect infestation and cracking. Regular cleaning will help ensure that the material lasts a long time. Many people are turning to wooden palisade fencing because it provides all the benefits of wood and none of the problems associated with using traditional picket fences. They’re easy to erect around pools and athletic areas where pets can’t come into contact with them. Palisades are also versatile enough to look good in both traditional and contemporary settings. Additionally, they don’t consume as much space as other styles of fences when they’re placed close together.
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