It’s very rare that one sees a Catholic church design with streamlined, undulating forms, curvilinear lines, and a heroic, voluptuous volume. London-based DOS Architects have designed just that, having won a competition for a 2000-seat church in Lagos, Nigeria. The Catholic Church of the Transfiguration will be constructed using steel arches of varying sizes at four-metre intervals, creating a sweeping roof that dips towards a centralised entrance. The church will accommodate a two-storey congregation area with glazing at either end to emphasise the building’s height. At face value, the church may seem unconventional, but its program, spatial organisation and internal religious motifs stay true to traditional church design principles. The main congregation hall incorporates a Latin Cross above the organ and altar and is designed with a nave above and two formal aisles at either side, coincident with the main axis of the church. At the highest point of the structure is the Latin Cross, a symbol of faith for the people of Lekki and Lagos at large, holding its own in the heavens within the city skyline. Images: Courtesy Meshroom ltd