Sky Wars

The sky is the limit. Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design have submitted plans for Miapolis, a 160-storey ‘city within a city’ situated on Watson Island in Miami, which could make Dubai’s Burj Khalifa’s right to brag about being the world’s tallest tower null and void. If approved, the structure will be, at 975 metres, 147 metres taller than the Burj Khalifa. The self-contained ‘city’ would contain restaurants, an observatory, an amusement park, 1.96 million sq ft of retail space, 1 million sq ft of office space, over 1000 apartments and a 792-room hotel. Kobi Korp has a history of designing extravagant and daring large-scale, high-rise condominiums. The idea for the Miami Tower has been around for a while, but has now started to pick up steam with developer Guillermo Socarras reportedly in talks with the Federal Aviation Administration to secure height approval. The construction of Miapolis is expected to create 46,000 construction jobs whilst establishing 35,000 permanent jobs, and inject $2.5 billion annually into the local Miami economy, which would allow the $39 million debt owed to the city to be paid off.