Regden Mathieson / Burbury Hotel

There are few things as classic as  a black-and-white palette. Oozing class and sophistication, yet devoid of pretentious trappings, the interior of Canberra’s Burbury Hotel caters to the many travellers and weary business-people who find a home away from home at the Burbury, sometimes for significant stretches of time. Regden Mathieson set out to create an interior that would stand the test of time, exuding comfort, calm and permanence.  The Burbury is a 4.5 star hotel   located in Barton, just a short way from Parliament House. Being in this prime location naturally attracts a lot of corporate business. Inside the hotel, dark timber wall panels meet luminous gothera limestone. The effect is simulta- neously chic and understated. The secret to Regden Mathieson’s success with this interior, not surprisingly, is small things done very well.