Düsseldorf Goes Green

Environmentally friendly design is set to reach new dizzying heights of achievement with the development of the Kö-Bogen, a new office and retail complex which will join two city blocks and feature a green roof when completed. Designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, Kö-Bogen will be located in the heart of Düsseldorf, opposite the central park. The building’s ecological covering will help establish a broader and more continuous green space within the city, leaving the impression of an unending green area as it associates with the beautiful parklands of this historical city. Allowing its people the opportunity to enjoy truly scenic surroundings, the eco-friendly roof will also decrease rainwater runoff, resulting in the reduction of both heating and cooling costs. A mixture of glass and limestone will reflect the façades of nearby buildings, connecting both the historical and environmental elements of the surrounding area, with straight lines reflecting the former and curved lines the latter. With funding being recently granted, another Libeskind masterpiece will be on show soon enough.