Engineered vs Solid Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring utilises engineered timber boards, in contrast to solid timber flooring which uses solid timber boards. Engineered timber boards are formed by joining multiple layers of wood together. The layers of wood, which are called plys, are are joined with their grains perpendicular to each other. The top ply of an engineered timber plank, which is called the lamella, is made from solid wood, normally hardwood. The engineered timber boards which are used for flooring are specifically designed for that task, and offer many of the benefits of solid timber floors without many of the drawbacks.

  1. Stability
  2. Thanks to its cross laminated construction, engineered timber flooring is much less likely to expand and contract due to variations in humidity or temperature, compared to traditional hardwood floors. It is also highly impact resistant, thanks to its super-stable substrate. Multiple coats of hard wearing oil coating can also be applied, increase the floor’s longevity and reduce the risk of it being scratched.

  3. Applications
  4. The stability of engineered timber flooring means that it can be used where solid wood floors cannot. This includes areas subject to large variations in heat, such as over underfloor heating or in front of large windows. This additional stability also means that beautiful wide boards can be used, with less risk of gapping occurring

  5. Affordability
  6. Everyone wants the classic and cozy appeal of hardwood floors, but they are outside the budget for most. Engineered timber floors are more affordable than solid timber floors, presenting better value for money and making a real wood floor available on even tight budgets. Engineered timber flooring is also quicker to install than hardwood flooring, saving both time and money.

  7. Appearance and Feel
  8. The surface layer, or lamella, of engineered timber boards is made up of natural solid wood. This means that engineered timber flooring has exactly the same warm, elegant look and feel as solid hardwood floors. This gives engineered timber flooring the benefits of hardwood flooring without the drawbacks.

Australian Oak from Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH)

ASH offers an Australian twist on engineered timber flooring with their Australian Oak. This attractive, world-class flooring product is manufactured to the quality you would expect from Australia’s largest hardwood mill. Australian Oak engineered timber flooring is made from a combination of regrowth and plantation hardwoods, with the lamella layer sourced from trusted, PEFC certified, Australian-grown regrowth hardwood timber. ASH is able to manufacture this stunning product at minimal cost through the use of their own regrowth hardwood logs.

Nothing beats the character and warmth of real wood. An Australian Oak engineered timber floor can be matched with any number of ASH stair, window, door, joinery, decking, cladding and furniture products to create a continuous flow of design from inside to out. The unique swirly patterns of back sawn (also known as crown cut) grain offer unmatched aesthetic charm, highlighted through staining or brush finishing. However, this desirable appearance is normally unavailable for timber floors, due to its instability. Engineered timber flooring solves this problem, allowing appealing back sawn floors to be created. ASH offers two different appearance grades: select grade, with a sleek finish which showcases the wood’s attractive grain, and feature grade, which is full of natural character, with many gum veins, filled cracks, knots and worm holes.

The lamella wear layer of Australian Oak is thick enough to sand and re-polish multiple times throughout the lifetime of the product. This makes Australian Oak engineered timber floors easy to update with changing trends. Naturally blonde Australian Oak can be re-stained from light to dark colours, providing plenty of options for designers. 8 coats of hard wearing UV oil are applied to the top layer of Australian Oak to increase longevity and reduce the risk of scratching, allowing ASH to offer a 25 year structural warranty and a 15 year wear warranty. ASH Australian Oak engineered timber flooring boards are available in 190mm x 15mm and 160mm x 15mm sizes. For more information, visit

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