Display Suites: Make a Great First Impression with Acrylic Mirrors

With thousands of multi-residential developments being built in Australia’s major cities every year, apartment buildings have to have something special to grab attention. Key to the successful launch of any such development are stunningly beautiful and marvellously functional display suites. For this reason, builders, developers, architects and designers need to be constantly on the lookout for innovative finishes which will let their buildings stand out amongst the crowd.

For innovative finishes, look no further than Allplastics. Their architectural and building division have recently assisted a number of developers in specifying these stunning products to provide their display suites with a touch of luxury. Take, for example, Allplastics’ acrylic mirrors. These inventive design elements are European grade, and are available in a variety of colours including silver, gold, bronze and grey. They are lightweight, which makes them safer and easier to handle than glass, and provide rooms with an open, classy finish.

Thomsen Building Services, the project managers for the One The Waterfront development home display suite at Wentworth Point in Sydney, were given a challenging brief by the interior architect. “Standard glass mirror was not feasible due to safety concerns” commented Jason Thompson, managing director of Thomsen Building Services. They turned to Allplastics, who provided them with silver acrylic mirrors. “Allplastics offered a practical solution by cutting and gluing the 3m x 2m sheets in a tight frame of time,” Thompson explained. The stunning result is evident in the photos above.

Acrylic mirrors have also been used as an original cladding material for contemporary styled kitchen islands.

Though this material must not be kicked or scuffed, it can be easily protected by mesh or similar barriers, which will not take away the gloss of the mirror.

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