Deflecta® Topel™

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Developed using nanotechnology, DEFLECTA® TOPEL™ is designed to improve the properties and functions of concrete. It is a densifier that increases surface hardness and slip resistance, prevents surface dusting and reduces surface damage from water-borne contaminants generating a hydrophobic surface.

The objective of DEFLECTA® TOPEL™ is to provide the customer with a durable, cost effective product, with a low VOC/VOS* content. The product has a high coverage rate, is easy to apply and maintain without changing the physical appearance of the concrete surface.

DEFLECTA® TOPEL™ can be applied to both internal and external areas on new or existing floor and wall concrete surfaces.

See Deflecta’s Topel™ application guide here

With ongoing testing, research and development of current and new products, Deflecta has earned a reputation for producing quality products encapsulating the capability to increase concrete function for specific market segments ie: construction, health, aged care, education, food processing and animal husbandry.

Through innovative solutions and the development of new markets, Deflecta has grown significantly not only in Australia, but also internationally and is recognised for their diverse product range and brand awareness.

Please visit, telephone +61 3 9318 9315 or email [email protected] for more information.

* VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds, VOS = Volatile Organic Solvents

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