Convert Carport to Garage Australia

So you’re thinking about a carport conversion into a garage?

First of all, congratulations on your carport to garage conversion idea, because you’re taking your first step towards an improvement to the functionality, protection, security and value of your property. With that being said, there are a significant number of things that need to be considered before committing to such an endeavour.

It will require time and money, two things you should always have plenty of, but this is going to ultimately increase the value and usability of your home without a doubt.

Considerations Before Starting a Carport Conversion Project

As we previously mentioned, you’ll probably want to consider some points before even thinking about making any conversions or renovations yourself. Especially a carport to a garage conversion. It’s good practice as there are many different factors that come into play before converting from a carport area into an actual garage.

So before you begin, here are some of the things that you’ll definitely need to consider. These include:

The Structural Strength of Your Carport

Some carports may not be capable of being converted into a garage as their structure simply won’t support it. This is especially important if you’re going to have a larger sized garage with big garage doors, which will be heavier and occupy more space than your current carport. You want to make sure that it’s capable of holding the weight and able to handle the space without any issues so it doesn’t collapse or weaken over time, potentially causing injury or damage to anyone/anything underneath the location.

The Construction Type

Once again, this will depend on how well supported your carport is as there are different types of construction that can be used.

The Ground Below the Carport

This point will affect the carport itself and what you’re able to do with your garage conversion. Is it on sloping, levelled or flat ground? If your ground is sloped it could potentially be dangerous if not constructed properly.

The Design

You’ll definitely want to consider how well designed your carport is before beginning this type of project as most designs are just metal sheeting attached together with nails etc. They may have a shape that does not accommodate any future changes so keep this in mind.

The Use of Space

How much space is there available underneath the carport? All conversions are different so you need to consider all factors involved including height etc.

Converting Carport to Garage

Now we’ll go through the actual process and what you need to keep in mind while converting your carport into a garage.

The first thing you’ll definitely want to do is contact an expert for advice on the feasibility of such a project. They will be able to determine if it’s possible, what would need to be done and give you some rough quotes and labor costs based on the different types of construction.

They will also be able to recommend hardware stores in your area that may have all of the supplies you’ll need for this kind of project so it’s definitely worth checking them out before making any decisions or starting work. They will also remind you about building codes and whether converting a carport to a garage installation is possible.

Once you’ve discussed what needs to be done with your expert and determined that it’s possible and worth doing, you’ll want to get started. Firstly and probably the most important thing in determining if this project is right for you and your situation, so take a long hard look at what needs to happen to convert your carport into a garage.

Enclosing a Carport to Make a Garage

If you’re considering enclosing your carport and converting it into a garage, you want to make sure that the following things are done:

Heavy beams need to be placed across where the current support beams for your carport currently stand. These will provide extra stability and additional weight-bearing capacity which is especially important for supporting a roof with heavier objects inside such as cars etc.

The frame of the carport needs to be fixed together properly, nails won’t cut it here so use screws instead. This is due to how essential it is that these areas remain very strong and solid otherwise you run the risk of having accidents or injuries later on down the line.

Ensure all electrical installations, power points etc are moved elsewhere as they just won’t work with your newly enclosed garage. This may include any heating/cooling systems etc so it’s important to keep this in mind.

If you’re wondering how much these conversions might cost, it will depend on the type of carport you have and the company carrying out the job. Most homeowners can expect to pay around $1,000-$2,000 for this kind of project depending on what needs doing. Some companies have access to more expensive materials for converting a carport to garage projects.

It is definitely something that homeowners should consider if they want an extra room or space that is more functional than simply parking their car underneath every day.

turning an enclosed carport into garage
Turning an Enclosed Carport into Garage

Enclosing a Carport that is in a Sloping Position

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to enclose a carport that is in a sloping position, the answer is yes. You’ll need to install what is called ‘footings’ which hold up the garage from beneath. These will give it more stability and prevent any accidents from occurring later on down the line.

A company can come out and assess your site for this kind of work including giving advice on how the process takes place and what needs doing but they may have to get some experts involved with groundwork etc so expect these kinds of costs too.

Turn Carport into Garage Storage Space

You might also be wondering what you can do with your carport when they are no longer in use. One option is a carport to garage project, or into a storage space with a garage door. It’s important that you keep this in mind though because if you’ve turned it into a garage then the only types of things that would be stored here are cars, large appliances, tools etc.

Keeping Your Car Outside

If you decide to leave your car outside on the driveway when converting an existing carport into a garage with a fully functioning garage door, make sure it’s well-protected from strong winds or storms by making sure there are plenty of trees around this area to help provide some shade and protection.

And finally, don’t forget about any permits that may need getting before proceeding with any kind of project like this. Also, always check with your company to see what they will and won’t take responsibility for so there isn’t any confusion later on down the line.

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