Concrete Driveway Cost per m2

The average cost for a concrete driveway per m2 in Australia is approximately $65. This price also includes the cost of materials and labour. However, the pricing range can go up to $195 per square metre, so for a concrete driveway area of 20m2 expect to pay between $1300 to $3900.

What factors influence the cost of a concrete driveway installation?

The cost for the concreting project in Australia is determined by many factors, but the most influence has the size, the decorative elements, labour rates, and the location within Australia.

The basic step that has to be done before starting with the concrete driveway work is taking measurements (length and width) of the driveway area.

This will give you an idea about the price estimates per square metres, will determine the driveway materials as well as the type of concreating.

For instance, plain concrete prices can range between $60 to $85 per m2, while exposed aggregate concrete will range between $100 to $150 per square metre.

Deciding to add decorative elements (colours, styles, textures, finishes) will significantly increase the price for the driveway project in your home. Whether you agree on fixed or hourly rates with the concreters to finish all concreting services also has an impact on the price.

Does the Price fluctuate between states or cities (like Sydney, Melbourne)?

Different states in Australia offer different labour rates for concrete driveways. Residents in the Australian capital territory are expected to pay the lowest rates for their concreting jobs: $25 to $30 per m2. On the other side driveway project in New South Wales and Western Australia can cost from $42 to $45 per square metre. It is always best to ask for a quotation that will give you an estimate of the prices calculating all of your preferences.

Concrete Driveway vs. exposed aggregate driveway

All concrete driveways in Australia must follow the Australian standards for building like the minimum width of 3 metres or thickness of at least 125mm or other standards specified in particular areas.

Concrete prices, despite the other factors, are influenced by the slope. For a sloping driveway, the cost is about $10 more per square metre ranging the price from $75 to $95 per m2.

The exposed aggregate driveway costs approximately $100 to $150 per square metre. This type of concrete is applied after the concrete slab is poured, or over an old concrete after deep cleaning and reparation.

Cost of maintaining a Concrete Driveway?

Investing in proper concrete driveway maintenance is a guarantee for the stability and preservation of your driveway work. The easiest form of maintenance requires regular cleaning, removing dirt and rust, application of primer or pavement paint, annual resealing. Labour rates range from $30 to $60 per hour.

Does painting a Concrete Driveway Cost Extra?

The application of colour on the concrete driveway makes it more appealing and attractive. There are several options for colouring the driveway and luckily this process is low cost-effective. Coloured concrete is the best option if you decide on this step and will only cost $10 more per square metre, compared to plain concrete.

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