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Ultraglaze Mirror Gloss Doors & Panels

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Polytec’s new 21mm Woodmatt Benchtop

Kitchen benchtops are fast becoming an architectural feature in addition to their functional component, allowing for a designer element to any space. Polytec’s newest 21mm Woodmatt square edge benchtops allow designers to create a versatile worktop by contrasting Woodmatt HPL with Matera anti-fingerprint laminate -simulating the realness of timber and stone in a cost-effective alternative.… Read more »

Looking for Colour Design Inspiration?

Be inspired by the latest Caesarstone Colour Inspirations Guide produced in collaboration with Polytec. Now including seven new designs from Caesarstone including the much anticipated Supernatural design White Attica! The Colour Inspirations Guide matches each colour in the Caesarstone range with both tonal and contrast cabinet door and panel colours from the Polytec range, Australia’s… Read more »

New WOODMATT range

Polytec’s core palette collection has expanded with the addition of WOODMATT, a new range of 12 tactile woodgrain prints, setting a new benchmark for standard laminates and melamines. Combining the best of natural timber with technology advancements, the matt finished subtle woodgrain embossing is designed to match perceptions of authentic timber veneer – in look,… Read more »

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