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An Industry Guide to Sustainable Safety Flooring

Luxury Flooring at its Finest

First impressions count. With that in mind, we developed the Expona Commercial range to help you put your best design foot forward and express your unique vision. The range features a variety of textures, visual reproductions of natural and abstract materials combined with innovative finishes. Hotel Lobby – Tanned Chevron Parquet… Read more »


Residential properties that demand a high level of charm and elegance stand to greatly benefit from our newly relaunched Camaro flooring collection. Our veteran product designers have hand-selected this collection of beautifully replicated wood, stone and slate floor coverings using extensive design, trend and performance research to bring you the ultimate enhancement to any home… Read more »

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

With the green movement sweeping the world, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of green labels to choose from. This saturation in the market can make it difficult for people to make the right choices and get the most honest and transparent environmental information about the products they purchase. Customers can be sceptical over… Read more »

Classic Mystique Revamped

They say variety is the spice of life. Fortunately for builders and designers, variety within texture and detail can be manifested from ceilings, to furniture to flooring. Our Classic Mystique range of vinyl flooring accomplishes that exact desired effect with its non-directional two-toned chip decoration and marbelised highlight chips. All you have to do is… Read more »

New flooring on the BLOC

PIERO LISSONI’S KNOLL SHOWROOM IN LONDON, RECEPTION AREA Since primary school, we’ve been asked what our favourite colour is. Nowadays, when designing interiors, choosing the right colour is still no easy feat. Colour is all around us, a vital part of our world and existence. It can impact our emotions, influence… Read more »

Vinyl Flooring Trends for 2017

Polyflor’s motto: New year, new floor. If you’re looking for a modern flooring trend to incorporate into your new project, consider these 2017 flooring trends and choose something both durable and stylish. When starting from scratch, it’s important to pick a style that will serve the lifetime of the floor and won’t go out of… Read more »

An Industry Guide to Sustainable Safety Flooring

Polyflor and Specifier have just released a new white paper: An Industry Guide to Sustainable Safety Flooring. This white paper outlines the importance of specifying flooring which is sustainably safe throughout the lifetime of a building. Safety compliance within public buildings may have its complexities but is never something to pay lip service to. The… Read more »

Dementia Friendly Flooring

Dementia has unfortunately affected most of us in some way or another. Whether or not we have personally gotten to a vulnerable age, or have a loved one who has experienced it, dementia is a human condition that should be taken seriously by all. In 2013, an estimated 322,000 Australians suffered from dementia, 74 percent… Read more »

The Perfect Solution for Investment Properties

When making decisions about your investment property, quality and durability should be in the forefront of your mind. Choosing the right flooring is important as it sets the tone for the overall charm and appeal of your property. Polyflor specialises in vinyl flooring suitable for a wide variety of commercial and residential installations. Although vinyl… Read more »

When a ‘Safety’ Floor is NOT a Safety Floor

Selecting slip resistant flooring that is sustainable for its guaranteed life can be a difficult area for everyone in the specification chain to understand and this is partly due to so-called ‘safety’ products entering the market which in reality do NOT provide adequate sustainable slip resistance in wet or dry applications.  With these products on… Read more »

Vinyl Flooring Colour Trends

Trends come and go. But vinyl flooring is here to stay. The demand for it has skyrocketed over the last decade and for good reason – people love it for its low maintenance properties, its hard-wearing and long-lasting nature, and of course, its aesthetic appeal. Vinyl might be the new wood. It can serve as… Read more »

Benefits of Acoustic Flooring

Within any space that humans dwell, noise is created. In high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals or residential settings, this background noise can negatively affect others and make the space less comfortable to reside in. It can hinder learning, teaching, working, recuperation or simply relaxation. Therefore, acoustic flooring has fast become one of the primary focuses… Read more »

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