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The journey of Legrand’s GALAXY Connected Emergency Lighting System™ begins.

galaxy emergency
Legrand recently celebrated the first delivery of its first commercial IoT solution GALAXY. Over 100 employees eagerly watched as the company’s CEO, Tony Berland, signed the first supply as it left the manufacturing factory. GALAXY is a state of the art Connected Emergency Lighting Monitoring System that is designed for smart buildings. This is Legrand’s first step into IoT… Read more »

CP Electronics: the perfect addition to Legrand’s portfolio

Legrand expands its commercial portfolio with CP Electronics – the global guru in lighting, heating and ventilation solutions. UK based CP Electronics is a major player in the lighting control field. The company’s main drive is to help business’ reduce their carbon footprint through cost-effective lighting, heating and ventilation control systems. With a track record of providing prestigious products, CP… Read more »

Legrand Simplifies Smoke Safety with New Flush Mounted Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

legrand smoke alarm
In 2017, new smoke alarm legislation was introduced in Australia making Photoelectric smoke alarms the standard. To coincide with this tough new legislation, Legrand released its surface-mount smoke alarm, which was considered the watchdog of choice in 2017. Determined to continually improve and simplify its products, Legrand is set to launch its latest innovation in top quality smoke detection -… Read more »

Galaxy has left the building!

Tony Berland
Legrand Australia today celebrated the delivery of its first commercial IoT solution, which left its warehouse with a great deal of praise and excitement.   The innovation of Galaxy took centre stage today in Legrand’s manufacturing factory, where over 100 employees gathered with the company’s CEO, Tony Berland, to celebrate the inaugural delivery of its first Emergency… Read more »

Legrand unveils its LCS3 data cabling solutions at BICSI

BICSI is a global conference for uniting the world’s leading conglomerates in information technology systems. As a key player in this space, Legrand will be launching its first solution for data centres – the LCS3 structured data cabling system.  This year’s BICSI conference will house the best innovations and technological advancements in information technology systems (ITS). It… Read more »

Legrand donates a top selection of electrical solutions to this year’s Telethon charity event

The annual Telethon Home auction was in full swing, warming many hearts, as it sold for $742,500 on Saturday the 4 August, 2018. The stunning four-bedroom, two-storey home will be built by one of Australia’s market leaders in new home design and construction, Metricon.  Metricon & Satterley united with The Footy Show’s My Room Telethon on Channel 9 to… Read more »

Combining technology, sophistication and luxury

Skye by Crown Group epitomises all of the above and is complemented by the inclusion of BTicino solutions.  Development is becoming more about communities living high above the skyline. Buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the shift from ground level dwellings to this new age of ‘sky-high’ and their expectation for top-quality living is now the standard. The most sought-after elements… Read more »

Legrand takes home THREE wins in the Electrical Connection “Most Popular Awards”

Every year, Electrical Connection embarks on a nationwide hunt to find out the most preferred brands used by experts in the electrical field. The industry has spoken and the results are in… …and Legrand took home the top award in the following categories: USB powerpoints, Door Entry/Intercom systems, and Emergency/Exit Lighting. Let’s take look at why these… Read more »

Legrand gives you a powerful shot of vitamin USB-C

When it comes to contemporary connections, it’s all about Type-C. This nifty little “one-size-fits-all”, is now the universal standard for charging devices. Setting the benchmark yet again, Legrand has just introduced its most powerful Type-C charging solution. The electronics industry introduced the Type-C USB, which is now proliferating the market on a global scale. USB Type-C ports can also support a… Read more »

Legrand leads the way in Emergency Lighting with its GALAXY Connected Emergency Lighting System

legrand GALAXY
It’s been months in the making, carrying a vibrant buzz in the air. Now, GALAXY has finally arrived and is taking Australia by storm. Let’s take a peek into the New Age of Emergency Lighting. With the rapidly evolving technological advances in today’s connected world, Legrand has developed their first commercial IoT solution, GALAXY. Released… Read more »

Legrand’s revamped LED Satellite raises the bar for Emergency Lighting

LED Satellite -D50 legrand
Legrand’s LED Satellite is renowned for its excellent performance and reliable operation. But with the increasing need for businesses to use energy more wisely, Legrand decided to add a few essentials to the already reliable Emergency Lighting solution. Today, businesses and manufacturers are driven by the need to adopt sustainable practices. LED lighting technology has… Read more »

Can your powerpoint slide n’ pop?

legrand powerpoint
Workstations and meeting rooms are made to be as versatile as possible. From powerpoint presentations, product displays and video conferences, to scribbling out ideas on a whiteboard, these spaces are made to suit a wide range of business functions. That’s why it’s important to have all the equipment needed within arm’s reach. Here’s where our pop-up… Read more »

The Viva by Crown project: combining user simplicity with technological sophistication

For all residential building development projects, the safety and comfort of occupants are of utmost importance during the planning process. In today’s connected world, home automation is playing a more pivotal role than ever to enhance people’s everyday living experience. Viva by Crown is a prime example of a development project that is making headway… Read more »

Designing to make the world a better place

wireless charging
Legrand’s wireless chargers win a prestigious award at the 2018 Good Design Awards® Held at Sydney’s iconic Opera House on 17 May, Australia’s Annual Good Design Ceremony housed some of the most groundbreaking solutions in product innovation, architectural design and technological solutions. This year’s Good Design Awards received a phenomenal number of submissions for innovative… Read more »

New music app from NUVO

nuvo audio
Legrand’s NUVO audio system is designed to deliver the right music, with top-quality sound that users can conveniently control. All you need to do is connect, control and enjoy the listening freedom. As much as you love your music, you need to have full access and control of it. Recognising the need for easy accessibility in… Read more »

Legrand’s Compact One RCBO passes new regulatory standards

Woman and child
As a business that prides itself on providing quality, reliable products, Legrand were pleased to announce that its RCBOs underwent verification testing and are compliant with Energy Safe Victoria’s new regulatory requirements. Working on a residential application? Use trusted protection. If you need a quality product that provides protection against overcurrents and earth leakage currents,… Read more »

Legrand Wireless Charging Solutions Wins 2018 Good Design Award®

Legrand Wireless Charging Solutions
The winners of Australia’s Good Design Awards, the highest honour for design innovation in Australia, were announced at the Sydney Opera House on 17 May at the 60th Annual Good Design Awards Ceremony. Legrand Wireless Charging Solutions received a prestigious Good Design Award® Winner in the Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.… Read more »

Join the Wi-Power revolution with Legrand

We are living in a world that is increasingly connected. Mobile technology means we are only ever a click away from instant access to information, communication and entertainment. The downside is that as we demand more from our mobile devices, we also expect their batteries to keep us online for longer and with minimal downtime.… Read more »

Legrand’s first e-Cat: accessible online, anytime

Legrand has just released its first electrical Trade e-Catalogue – a completely detailed catalogue that you can access online, anytime. The electrical industry is an increasingly fast-paced and competitive market. As such, it is essential to have the most updated and accurate product information that will keep you a step ahead in the field. Ultimate convenience… Read more »

Excel Life just got extra tough

If you’ve worked with Excel Life switches & sockets, you’ll know they are meticulously engineered to suit many commercial and residential applications. Legrand Australia has just developed a series of coverplates named “Extra Security”. Those custom plates complement the existing Excel Life range and are specifically designed for high traffic, or exposed environments, which require electrical solutions that address the risk of… Read more »

Charge wisely, charge wirelessly

Legrand Australia – the name synonymous with innovation in charging technology: from being the first to introduce 4.8A charging capacity to the Type C charger, and now, with the introduction of their latest creation, wireless chargers. Wireless charging allows the user to charge their device without the need of a cable. Based on the… Read more »

Paving the way for future connections: HPM’s Type-C USB charging solutions

To both simplify and enhance connectivity between devices, the electronic industry has now developed the Type-C USB, which is predicted to eventually replace all other USB cable variants. In the future, a single cable, the Type-C USB, may meet all our interconnectivity needs between computers, computer peripherals, smartphones, gadgets, TVs and TV ancillaries. Type-C USB… Read more »

NUVO audio system: connect, control and cruise to the beats

Designed by musicians, NUVO delivers a completely integrated approach when it comes to home audio, music streaming, supreme sound and ultimate convenience. For music-lovers, Legrand’s state-of-the-art NUVO multi-source, multi-zone distributed audio system can be integrated into the home automation system for an incredible, musician-designed sound experience. With supreme quality audio streaming, the wireless player amplifiers… Read more »

A downlight that dares to be bold!

HPM’s DLI Downlight Series just got a little extra bold, with the arrival of its latest Black Ring Downlight. The sleek black finish on the fascia makes this light ultra-modern, adding a pop of contrast to any décor.   Not only does it make a bold statement with its contemporary aesthetics, it is also known for… Read more »

Keeping connected: How Arc by Crown Group used BTicino’s automated solutions for their vision of smart living

How Arc by Crown Group used BTicino’s automated solutions for their vision of smart living In today’s fast paced world, staying constantly connected is the new norm. To facilitate this fast-paced, constantly ‘switched on’ culture, an increasing amount of devices are becoming automated. Home automation, for example, is transforming the way people live, work and… Read more »

Uniting technology, health & wellbeing at Australian Healthcare Week, 2018

Technology innovation, healthcare solutions and the latest in industry trends: how Legrand will have you covered on all three fronts. The median age in Australia is on the rise, but so too, are technologies within the health and aged care sectors. In fact, they’re advancing at a rapid rate. During last year’s Australian Healthcare expo, Legrand showed how they… Read more »

Lithium-Ion: why it’s the technology of choice

As the market for portable devices continues to expand, battery technology has similarly evolved to meet demand. To understand the implications to industry, it is worth taking a look at a few different battery types to recognise both their advantages and disadvantages: A brief snapshot Conventional lead-acid batteries are cost effective, have a long life,… Read more »

Technology and healthcare just got better…

The advent of technology has transformed the way we live, work and communicate. Many industries have reaped the wonderful benefits of such rapid transformations; especially fields such as health and aged care. The technological trends and innovations within these sectors means improved patient care, operational efficiency and an overall enhanced experience for patients and healthcare… Read more »

Introducing Legrand’s Apprentice of the Year!

When it comes to recognising and rewarding outstanding talent in the electrical field, Master Electricians Australia has you covered. Held at Brisbane Town Hall on Saturday 18 November, MEA’s National Excellence Awards housed some of Australia’s brightest upcoming stars within the industry. Legrand’s Apprentice of Year was announced by our General Manager of Trade Sales,… Read more »

The 2017 Telethon Home raises $650,000 for charity

Read about Legrand’s ‘top pick’ electrical solutions, which were donated for the spectacular InVogue home! InVogue’s 2017 Eden Beach Telethon Home warmed the hearts of many, as the home was auctioned for $650,000 over the Telethon Weekend on 22 October. Established in1968, Telethon is an annual charity event, which is dedicated to improving child health… Read more »

A contemporary LED Light that packs a punch!

Strong, powerful, durable and robust, SPARTIKA is the ultimate soldier for supreme performance in the toughest conditions. Its IP54 rating and five year warranty cements its unyielding reputation, while its LED components ensure brilliant illumination. The up-down light distribution provides the perfect amount of ambience to any outdoor space. SPARTIKA is not afraid to shy away, making a bold statement with… Read more »

Legrand’s Soliroc delivers brute strength, with a brilliant finish!

Legrand’s Soliroc weatherproof switches and sockets have earned their ‘solid-as-a-rock’ reputation for a reason. With an IK10 impact rating, an IP55 weatherproof rating and vandal-proof features, they are specifically designed for exposed environments such as sports and entertainment venues, urban courtyards, public facilities, schools and shopping centres.  All Soliroc products have successfully undergone severe testing, making them… Read more »

Legrand’s Super LED Satellite takes home an Award of Commendation!

Legrand’s new Super LED Satellite won a Commendation Award at the 2017 IES NSW Awards on Friday 3 November. Organised by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), this is an exclusive event, which recognises the crème de la crème of the lighting industry. From stunning light shows, vibrant performances and exquisite cuisine, with over 500 attendees, this event housed some of… Read more »

LIION raises the bar for Emergency Lighting

The wait is over and Legrand’s LIION Emergency Lighting range has arrived! The luminaires come with the latest Lithium-ion battery technology, known as Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4). A previous article in Specifier discusses why the LIION technology has raised the bar when it comes to Emergency Lighting battery technology – from its superior performance and reliable operation,… Read more »

Legrand’s new telecare unit brings freedom, confidence and security

The median age in Australia is on the rise and over the next several decades, the trend will continue. This has significant implications on work and everyday living, particularly within the health and aged care sectors. Growing older is often identified with negative connotations, but meeting the ‘suave senior over 60’s club’ can have a silver lining;… Read more »

Legrand’s latest LED Satellite is up for an award nomination from its ‘super’ results!

Shining bright from high above, Legrand’s Super LED Satellite is becoming the talk of the town for commercial projects. Legrand has entered the Luminaire in the 2017 NSW Luminaire Design Award (LuDa). Organised by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), LuDa is a category of the IES Design Awards, which recognises exceptional lighting installations and outstanding luminaire design. The new Super LED… Read more »

HPM’s Outdoor Bunker Lights are turning heads!

Good outdoor lighting requires three basic things for ultimate safety around the workplace and home: reliable operation, consistent illumination, and energy-efficient power consumption HPM understands the importance of having top-quality outdoor lighting retrofits and have made sure the latest range is exceptional in terms of safety, security and reliability. Lighting offers a huge opportunity for… Read more »

Let’s talk ‘lightly’ about energy…

How Stirling Apartments used a lighting and power management solution from above When it comes to the best solution for effective energy management and distribution, Legrand’s bus bar system is ticking all the boxes. Specifically designed for installing systems that require efficient load balancing, as well as lighting and power distribution, the bus bar trunking system works as a regulator for… Read more »

The wiring rules are changing, but Legrand’s RCBO range has you covered.

Switchboards have lots of circuit breakers, but it is safety switches that save lives. As such, it is imperative you’re up-to-date with safety legislation when it comes to wiring and cabling Keep it smooth The transition from one wiring rules addition to another can impact an electrical installation. To enable a smooth transition, Worksafe Queensland says the enforcement date will… Read more »

Let There Be Light with Legrand’s Super LED Satellite

From carparks to industrial premises, it’s important to have all your emergency areas illuminated effectively and efficiently. Legrand’s new Super LED Satellite is specifically designed to illuminate from high ceilings and large areas in emergency situations. Legrand’s key aim was to develop a product, which could illuminate a large area using a single Chip On Board (COB)… Read more »

BTicino’s ‘smart’ solutions: keeping you connected in the simplest way

Networked devices have become ingrained in contemporary living. The Internet of Things allows for the relationship between humans and everyday objects to become closer than ever. This connectivity has opened up incredible opportunities for the building sector. Already a key player in this digital era, BTicino has developed ‘smart’ solutions for residential and commercial applications.… Read more »

Legrand’s Axiom system shows why IoT products are a ‘smart’ solution for commercial projects  

Operating connected devices through the Internet of Things is set to be a game-changer for electrical contractors. They are proliferating today’s residential, commercial and industrial markets and are transforming projects within the building infrastructure sectors. Whether it is through using automatic sensors, reducing energy consumption, or performing mandatory tests remotely, a number of large facilities are turning… Read more »

Top up your Saving Solutions with Legrand’s BLOCK

As a contractor, you’re always on-the-go, so it’s vital to have all your products within arm’s reach. To ensure you never run out of the most commonly used products for energy saving, Legrand has made the BLOCK. Combining frequently used energy saving products, the BLOCK is the ideal ’top-up’ solution. It houses Legrand’s Time switches and Modular Contactors, allowing you to stock… Read more »

HPM’s latest DLI Downlight – One light. Three colours. Multiple lighting moods.

The launch of HPM’s DLI Series turned many heads back in 2016. Legrand’s NATA-accredited laboratory proved their supreme performance and exceptional lifespan of 35,000 hours with 3 years warranty. These energy-saving LEDs were also known for their compatibility with most transformers, which significantly reduced the chances of flashing or flickering. The DLI Series also featured… Read more »

Legrand’s LIION: the future battery for Emergency Lighting

Legrand is soon to release its latest emergency lighting luminaires incorporating the latest technology in Lithium-ion batteries. The range name titled ‘LIION’ is specifically designed and manufactured in Australia to suit Australian and New Zealand conditions. With an operational lifespan of up to 10 years, the LIION range of emergency lighting products will deliver a… Read more »

Legrand Plexo³ Weatherproof Enclosures take a winning place in the 2017 Good Design Awards!

With over 50 years in design benchmarking, the Good Design Australia Awards is the longest-standing event in Australia recognising the most prestigious products in industrial design and manufacturing. Although the bar was set high and competition was fierce, Legrand’s Plexo³ Weatherproof Enclosures took home a winning place in Good Design Australia’s Product Design category! The… Read more »

Deck Lights that add a dash of delight

HPM’s Deck Lights know exactly how to imbue an outdoor space with just the right lighting; transforming the ambience from drab to dazzling in seconds. Sleek and modern in design, these cylinder-shaped lights nestle seamlessly into patio floors, verandahs, or entryways around dwellings.  Their slim design also enables easy placement in key spots around buildings, such as… Read more »

BTicino Linea 3000: ONE Entrance Panel for EVERY need

The Linea 3000 is BTicino’s latest video entrance unit. It is a modern and robust push-button panel dedicated to villa standard, high-level applications, as well as single-family houses. Working with researchers, designers and engineers, BTicino made significant improvements to its predecessor, the Linea 2000. To reduce the complexity of installing multiple devices for one or… Read more »

Stream music with Legrand’s Bluetooth Sound System

Legrand releases its latest electrical solution for connected home systems, which cements why they are at the forefront of technological innovations for the Smart Home. The Bluetooth Sound System allows the user to stream their favourite music wirelessly from a smartphone and/or tablet. Sleek and compact in design, the wall-mounted Bluetooth module allows for music… Read more »

Legrand’s latest compact one module RCBO: The trusted protection for all residential applications

Providing maximum protection and delivering supreme performance, Legrand's new Compact One Module RCBO enables consistent and reliable electrical operation in residential buildings. It allows for protection against short circuits, overloads and residual currents of electrical circuits ranging from 6 to 32 A. These features are made to protect people from direct and indirect contact. The… Read more »

BTicino Linea 3000: ONE Entrance Panel for EVERY need

The Linea 3000 is BTicino’s latest video entrance unit. It is a modern and robust push-button panel dedicated to villa standard, high-level applications, as we as single-family houses. Working with researchers, designers and engineers, BTicino made significant improvements to its predecessor, the Linea 2000. To reduce the complexity of installing multiple devices for one or… Read more »

HPM Load Centres: Energy management made simple

The new HLC range of HPM load centres are an excellent solution for residential projects. Specifically designed to operate at a low cost over multi-residential complexes, they distribute energy safely and evenly. They are suitable for mounting of Legrand modular protection devices. The product is available with neutral and earth terminal block circuit labels and… Read more »

AXIOM makes emergency lighting testing Automated, Accurate and Accessible – Anytime, Anywhere

Emergency lighting plays a vital role for safety in all installations. It is a legal requirement to have a fully operational emergency lighting that is tested every six months. AS2293 outlines all product requirement and testing procedures for emergency lighting. Testing medium to large installations can be a tedious and complex task. Designed and manufactured… Read more »

Future-proof the way you charge with the Excel Life Hybrid USB Charger!

USB is the standard when it comes to connectivity. From smartphones, iPads, desktop computers, digital cameras and fitness bands, to the new wearable connected watches – USB charges just about any electronic device. Technological developments are rapildy progressing and evolving, with most devices moving towards the USB Type C connectivity. Working with researchers and engineers,… Read more »

Securit LED Exit Signs take tough to another level!

When it comes to the toughest of the tough, the Legrand Securit LED Exit Sign is unsurpassable. This tamper-resistant product is specifically designed for institutions such as detention centres, police stations and correctional facilities. What makes it so tough? The Securit LED Exit Sign is equipped with several safety and security features, which gives it… Read more »

Legrand takes you backstage and shows you how their Excel Life Switch comes to life!

With a quick flick on and a simple click off, just what goes into making an Legrand’s Excel Life Light Switch? Combining high-grade products and innovative manufacturing technologies, Legrand produces over a million Excel Life Light Switches annually. Recycling is present at each stage of production which is aligned with one of the company’s core… Read more »

Legrand’s DALI Emergency Lighting Luminaires have got you covered!

What is DALI? The term DALI is an acronym which stands for ‘Digital Addressable Lighting Interface’. It is an internationally recognised communication language and protocol for lighting control. The purpose of this common language is to ensure all electronic lighting devices such as general lighting, sensors, wiring devices and emergency lighting can communicate in synergy.… Read more »

The BTicino Classe 300X 13E Video Internal Unit: Simple. Modern. Connected.

The Legrand BTicino CLASSE 300X13E is the new connected video internal unit, which combines modern technology with elegant design. Whether the end-user wants to communicate through a smartphone or tablet, this unit now has the advantages of keeping them connected; anytime, anywhere. The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity enables connection through a smartphone, so the user can… Read more »

Legrand’s Healthcare Solutions know exactly how to streamline healthcare!

Technology is the driving force for effective healthcare today. It plays a vital role in saving peoples’ lives, as well as continually improving the overall standard of living. Combining research and innovation with the latest technologies, Legrand has comprised the best healthcare solutions for facilities, staff and end-users. All products are designed to save energy,… Read more »

Black is the new black!

Combine it with any colour, accentuate shades and contrasts, or add a dash of black as a complimentary accessory to natural materials such as wood, fur and leather. Legrand’s Excel Life range has brought black back with a bang! Black variants have been introduced to various key products such as the Dedicated Plate Series of… Read more »

Stay cool this summer with the HPM Aluminium Ceiling Fan Series

Designed and engineered in Australia, the Legrand HPM Aluminium Ceiling Fan Series provide maximum performance, reliability and ease of installation at a competitive price. They are well-known in the market for the reliability and quality of their engine. Legrand’s R&D team has placed special focus on the fan speed controller's capacitor so that it doesn't fail prematurely. The user will enjoy an almost… Read more »

The BIG switch!

Legrand has just made the step towards a greener future with the installation of their new Vortex LED Highbay in their manufacturing and distribution facilities in Sydney. Supported by the NSW government's iPart Energy Savings Scheme, the decision to switch from metal halide to LEDs has saved over 50% of energy consumption. These new luminaires will have… Read more »

Legrand’s NEAT Emergency Response System: Technology for wellbeing

Quality care is based on fast, direct communication between the patient and carer. Legrand’s NEAT offers a user-friendly system, allowing for a faster and more efficient response to call for assistance. This is a nurse call system called TREX. Designed specifically for internal communication in both the private and public sectors, TREX’s wirless technology results… Read more »

Charge ahead in sophisticated style with Excel Life’s latest Dedicated Plate Powerpoint series

Legrand’s Excel Life has introduced its brand new double powerpoint dual USB charger, with an integrated driver. This product delivers a total charging capacity of 2.4A and is especially designed for single brick walls, or where wall boxes are required. While Excel Life still have their traditional double USB powerpoint with an external driver, which… Read more »

The best back-up gadgets that will ensure your Emergency Exit Lights are operating perfectly 24/7!

Testing Emergency Lighting is a mandatory requirement and must be undertaken every 6 months. Legrand’s Emergency Lighting Test Switches are ideal if you are manually testing the Emergency Lighting installations throughout your premises. Neat and compact in size, this ‘off-the-shelf’ device is available in both surface mount and DIN mount applications. Legrand’s latest switch has… Read more »

All the space you need with Legrand’s Plexo³ Enclosures

Impact resistant, dust resistant and water resistant; Legrand’s Plexo³ Enclosures are ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, as well as public and high-rise buildings. With an IP65 protection rating, they are specifically made to perform brilliantly in damp locations. These surface-mounted enclosures can be used for distribution of up to 36… Read more »

Switch on to safety with new antimicrobial electrical accessories

Legrand has launched its Excel Life Medical Range, featuring superior antimicrobial technology which enables healthcare facilities to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The new wiring devices and electrical accessories are constructed with silver ions to deliver a kill rate of up to 99 per cent against common hospital bacteria. These antimicrobial properties render Escherichia Coli… Read more »

Legrand shortlisted for two Good Design Awards

The Legrand Excel Life Medical Range and E2 Edgelight have been recognised in the 2015 Good Design Selection and shortlisted for a coveted Good Design Award. Selected from 380 qualified entries, this achievement acknowledges that these Legrand products have reached the international benchmark for good design. The criteria for good design includes safety, quality, functionality,… Read more »

New flicker free LED downlights from HPM

HPM has launched its new range of residential LED downlights. As one of the only major offerings featuring dimmer compatibility, the range delivers flicker-free and low-level dimming of up to five per cent. “The new HPM LED downlights provide electrical contractors with an efficient, affordable and high performance lighting solution they can specify and install… Read more »

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