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Touch Free Tapware

Using whole of life costing to specify quality plumbing products in Australia

Blueline: Bubbler + Bottle Filler

enware bottle filler
Drinking water and staying hydrated is important for optimal physical and mental activity. As part of Enware’s ongoing design and development for products that Deliver Water That Works For Life, they are excited to announce the release of the new Blueline bubbler and bottle filler range. ABC’s recent War on Waste documentary has influenced the… Read more »

Type A Handwashing Basin designed for healthcare

As Enware enters our 80th year as a business, we’re proud to say each year has brought us success and growth, we’ve done this through constant collaboration with industry experts to give us a better understanding of the diverse needs of specialised industries. One of the latest additions to Enware’s Sanitary Ware Range is the Kolo… Read more »

Bubblers, tapware and lab fittings: supplying Australian schools Since 1937

Enware’s first product for schools was school lab fittings, now with over 80 years of experience supplying the Australian education sector, their range has developed and grown to suit the ever changing needs of new and existing schools, child care centres and tertiary institutions. Hundreds of thousands of Australian students have used Enware products while… Read more »

Enware Aged Care and Disability Design Solutions

Enware has just released an updated Aged Care and Disability Solutions brochure to help Architects and Designers better understand the benefits of using Enware products to help fit-out adaptable living spaces that increase user independence, dignity, safety and comfort. Their extensive experience in supplying products for Aged Care and Disability markets includes the completion of… Read more »

A confident choice for specifying in Aged Care

Enware’s CARE601 Toilet Suite Enware’s CARE60 is a supportive and functional toilet suite that features outstanding design benefits for architects, designers, facility managers, users and carers. CARE601 is a part of Enware’s IFO range of bathroom products, designed specifically for healthcare, aged care, disability and commercial applications. The CARE601 Toilet Suite offers ergonomic and aesthetic… Read more »

Enware – Whole of Life Cost Benefits

Quality and performance should be the priority for the building industry. It is crucial that the selected product or material will maintain optimum performance levels for the entire lifecycle of a development. For any project, it is vital that building professionals consider whole of life cost and not just initial output costs. The responsibility of… Read more »


Whether it’s for public amenities, aged care centres and hospitals, or pre school and childcare centres that needs accessible solutions for children, Enware’s uniquely tailored range of toileting solutions selected from world leading European brands are designed specifically for the ergonomic, safety and hygiene needs of the user whilst still providing style and functionality.  … Read more »

Enware’s New Time Flow Sporting Shower Module

  Introducing Enware’s new Time Flow Sporting Shower Module by Delabie, simple compact design ideal for all commercial shower areas, including schools, leisure centres and general changing room facilities and recommended for most public or commercial applications.   Aesthetically pleasing and suitable for concealed or visible pipework, the shower features a pre-set 30 (± 10… Read more »


Enware toileting solutions are designed to meet the specialised needs of those with a disability. The range, selected from world-leading European brands, provide compliance with public accessible design requirements, whilst ensuring increased independence, dignity, and comfort for the user and carers. Enware’s CARE600 is a freestanding toilet with support arms. The support arms individually raise… Read more »


Your existing pre-2009 Enware Aquablend™ 2000 can now be upgraded with a complete cartridge changeover, enhancing the technology and extending the life of the existing Aquablend™ TMV. A major step forward in legionella control! Thermal Flush technology allows for efficient thermal flushing without having to re-commission the valve. Once the upgrade cartridge is installed, a… Read more »

Enware’s new Vitreous Basin Range

Enware has just released a new range of Vitreous Basins with new model being offered as replacements for products in our current range being discontinued by our manufacturer. Enware’s quality range of basins are European designed and manufactured to the highest international standards. Functional and contemporary, yet timeless to suit both the commercial and domestic… Read more »

New tapware range from Enware VP Lever

The Enware VP Lever series has been designed to be easy to use, durable and easy to clean. Smart and aesthetically pleasing, the whole range is an ideal addition for retirement villages, independent living centres or public place bathrooms. Available as a basin set, dual mixer or wall top assembly; each has been ergonomically designed… Read more »

Enware CARE601

The Enware CARE601 includes a freestanding IFO toilet suite with support arms, raised flush button and toilet seat (with lid) ideal for providing independence, safety and dignity for users and carers alike. It was designed for people with movement restriction either through disability, aged care or as a result of an injury. The toilets free… Read more »

Enware’s NEW Hand Wash Station Kits

After comprehensive, laboratory and field testing and feedback from user groups, Enware has produced three functional Type B Handwash Station Kits which meet all the requirements for health care applications. The Enware Handwash Station Kits provide a simple yet compliant solution to the requirements of the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines and meet hospital hand wash… Read more »

Good Design Awards Selection 2017 – Wellbeing Range

50 years on, the Australian Good Design Awards (formerly Australian International Design Awards) continues its proud tradition of distinguishing excellence in design. Recognised as one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, it is a significant honour to have Enware’s Wellbeing™ range awarded a Good Design® Selection for 2017 in the product design category of… Read more »

Enware – Rimless Toilet Suite

A perfect mix of robust and commercial quality for hygienic sophistication with a timeless design and quality craftsmanship The Enware Rimless Flush toilet has been designed to match Enware’s comprehensive range of wash basins and adaptable vanities for a complete solution. This water saving toilet suite with raised height and rimless design underline its suitability… Read more »

Enware’s New Blueline Bubbler Range

Enware is excited to announce a new range of Australian made bubblers that bring a fresh and clean new look to the playground. We’ve even made sure the littlest hands in the playground can get a drink, by making the handles the lightest and easiest to use, and with 5 different models we’ve got the playground, the parks… Read more »

A Case for More Changing Places in Public Spaces

  Enware – Changing Places Enware has recently released a new whitepaper addressing the need to push the ‘Changing Places’ initiative. Changing Places is an initiative which aims to expand the facilities available for people with severe disabilities and their carers, giving them more opportunities to enjoy day to day activities and the freedom to… Read more »

Enware Minimising the Risk of Legionella in Healthcare Facilities

The Australian Building Industry must rethink water systems design Legionella is a lingering, ever present bacterium which, in the right breeding conditions (Legionella growth range of 20-50°C) poses a significant health risk. Hospitals are one of the highest risk environments for Legionella as they have large and complex water systems coupled with the vulnerability of… Read more »

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