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Antibacteria & Anti-mould Concrete Protection

Coles Hamilton

DEFLECTA® STABILIZER™ was applied to all front of house food retail areas including the liquor section at time of concrete pour. The key objective was to supply the facility with a moisture barrier prior to the installation of vinyl floor finishes. The new Regional Victorian Supermarket multi -$ million development in Hamilton is comprising of a 44%… Read more »

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

DEFLECTA® TOPEL™ was applied to exposed concrete walkways and paving areas to maintain the surface wearability with improved slip resistance which are safety concerns for children and staff. Deflecta supplied DEFLECTA TOPEL™ to the multi  $ million school project. The project was inclusive of two new buildings, refurbishment of three existing buildings including classrooms, administration, boardroom, kitchen, landscaped… Read more »

Mansfield Public Toilet Block

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® and DEFLECTA® BOTANY™ was applied to the restoration work project, carried out by the Mansfield Shire Council to the public toilet block, to improve hygienic outcomes for the locals and tourists passing through the vibrant town providing the facility with a sanitised, slip resistant concrete surface.   DEFLECTA® ground the concrete substrate in… Read more »

Aldi Food Stores (Australia Wide)

DEFLECTA® products are specified to ALDI Food Stores back of house food packaging, Freezer and Chiller rooms. The objective is to supply Aldi with products for the purpose to stop and reduce the risk of bacterial outbreaks such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (E.coli), Listeria and Salmonella within the concrete sub-floor and to harden the… Read more »

Box Hill Hospital Development

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® was applied to all carpeted and viny areas with its key responsibility to prevent bacteria growth and its spread under floor coverings within the hospital environment. It was also used to suppress moisture and prevent body fluid ingress to the concrete. Assists and supports the Cleaning/Facility Maintenance protocol for infection control.   The… Read more »

Deflecta® Topel™

Developed using nanotechnology, DEFLECTA® TOPEL™ is designed to improve the properties and functions of concrete. It is a densifier that increases surface hardness and slip resistance, prevents surface dusting and reduces surface damage from water-borne contaminants generating a hydrophobic surface. The objective of DEFLECTA® TOPEL™ is to provide the customer with a durable, cost effective… Read more »

Antimicrobial Interior Wall Solution for Carlsberg Dali Greenfield Brewery

Carlsberg’s new brewing plant with total gross area over 40 hectares in Dali,Yunan. With the growing demand for hygiene in food and beverage processing environments across China, structures built with antimicrobial wall and flooring can prevent growth of bacteria, mould and fungi in wet and hygienically sensitive areas. Bespoke concrete bacteria control solution was successfully… Read more »

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