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The many surface finishes of KeraTwin

KeraTwin is a tried and proven façade system offered by long standing German manufacturer, Agrob Buchtal. With its variety of colours, formats and surface finishes, KeraTwin offers enormous design freedom. KeraTwin is compelling with its architectural versatility and visual variety. There is a great selection of sizes available, as well as a varied range of… Read more »

The Perfect Facade Solution

facade solution
Aesthetics, economic efficiency and sustainability. It is the combination of these three factors that is the basis for the growing success of our German manufactured rear-ventilated ceramic façade systems. This type of façade system is superior due to its structural separation of the functions of heat insulation and weather protection. Curtain wall facades by their… Read more »

How a facade affects the urban environment

A façade is far more than just the protective shell of a building. Its design not only characterises the building itself but also influences – often visible from far away – the urban environment. The urban environment is a key consideration for town planning authorities who are interested in the built form and the façade… Read more »

Three Systems for All Facades

3d facade finchley memorial
Providing protection for buildings against atmospheric influences is a classic function of any facade. In modern day, demanding energy standards also need to be complied with and can be best met with curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades. Agrob Buchtal offers the possibility of delivering outstanding projects with its three systems; KeraTwin, KeraShape and KerAion. KeraTwin is the… Read more »

Is your cladding fire safe?

A façade is far more than just an attractive exterior– it is the protective shell of the building. Fire rated building materials are vital in preventing the spread of fire throughout a building, and thus ensuring the safety of all occupants. With the KeraTwin ceramic façade system from Agrob Buchtal, you can ensure ultimate fire… Read more »

Medical Grade Flooring

New trends in the design of hospitals and aged care centres has seen a move away from a stark institutional look, to styles that are more relaxed and welcoming for patients, visitors and staff. Ceramic Solutions offers a wide range of ceramic tile designs that enhance the medical environment and encourage recovery. Our medical grade… Read more »

End to End Tile System Solutions

Ceramic Solutions provide a comprehensive skill set, obtained from experience as a wholesale supplier of imported ceramic tiles, and the installation on hundreds of projects over a 20 plus year timeframe. From design development and shop drawings through to installation, test results and warranties, our hard-working team will be with you every step of the… Read more »

Hardworking floors for industrial applications

wine distillery tiled floor
Workplaces are very diverse, with industrial spaces demanding a far wider range of flooring performance characteristics than commercial spaces. This reflects the intended usage of the space – such as exposure to machinery, contaminants and the requirement to provide a safe work environment. Ceramic manufacturers have been driven to develop an extremely wide portfolio of… Read more »

When function ‘slips’ into design

Bricks have for years been a builder’s material of choice. They’re highly functional, helping to control the warmth of a property in winter and the coolness of a building in summer, and they’re dense, allowing a development to stand the test of time. However, when it comes to their appearance, they quite often get pipped… Read more »

Cladding that’s set in stone

Natural finishes, that pay homage to the site on which a project is built, is a design aesthetic increasingly sought after by property owners. However, with the cost of excavating the material far exceeding the budget of many, Ceramic Solutions have just the answer for those wanting to explore the trend. Achieving the natural stone… Read more »

Team work makes the dream work

It takes a team to bring a project to life and here at Ceramic Solutions we’ve worked with some of the best in the business. Whether it’s working alongside builders, architects or designers, our team bring a range of expertise to assist in the realisation of a project. Ceramic Solutions experts are professional, knowledgeable and… Read more »

Choosing a commercial or medium density residential cladding system

Building cladding
Choosing a commercial or medium density residential cladding system just got easier. Ceramic tiling applications go further than indoor installations, despite a period where tiles were solely utilised for internal decorative purposes. Since the mid-1800s, ceramic clad facades have been a popular choice for architects worldwide. Curtain Wall Claddings Curtain wall external tile cladding systems… Read more »

I can’t believe it’s not real brick!

Casey Central Shopping Centre Want to achieve the look and feel of real brick, without all the hassle? Well now you can! Make a natural lasting impression with Brick Slips. Available in a variety of textures, this slim line, subtly balanced brick slip is charmingly authentic, whilst being state-of-the-art. Look beyond the facade, and see design… Read more »

Shepparton Law Courts

Ceramic Solutions Australia are privileged to work on this great project in regional Victoria. The $73 million Shepparton Law Courts adds a striking contemporary design to the centre of town, and the foyer needs to be seen to be believed with double height ceilings, and (might we say) some amazing ceramic tile floors. You can… Read more »

Jasba Mosaics

Introducing the versatile range of Jasba mosaics from Ceramic Solutions Australia. Jasba gloss and slip-resistant mosaics are designed for applications in dry and wet barefoot areas. With over 100 designs available, the Jasba range creates unlimited combinations for beautiful, high quality and safe pool and spa design. The extensive range of sizes and colours available… Read more »

A modern long format brick slip made to look like a brick

The extra slim vintage-style brickwork look from the Glanzstűcke brick slip series provides architects with the freedom to embrace the characteristics of brick in circumstances normally considered unfeasible. Glanzstűcke extra slim elongated brick slips are 440x52x14mm long with matching accessory pieces for seamless corners and reveals to entrances and windows. Lightweight in nature, Glanzstűcke brick slips require no additional… Read more »

Ceramic Solutions launches new presence online

Ceramic Solutions is very excited to launch a new website specifically tailored to showcase our range of pool tiles and aquatic equipment www.ceramicsolutionspools.com.au Our main goal for developing a second website is to share our latest products and developments within the aquatic and leisure industry, via a fast and easy to navigate site. Our original… Read more »

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