Combining technology, sophistication and luxury

Skye by Crown Group epitomises all of the above and is complemented by the inclusion of BTicino solutions. 


Development is becoming more about communities living high above the skyline. Buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the shift from ground level dwellings to this new age of ‘sky-high’ and their expectation for top-quality living is now the standard.

The most sought-after elements when searching for that perfect home is combining something “special” with technology, sophistication and luxury. Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, Skye by Crown Group ticks all of the boxes and is the ultimate luxurious development.

Located in North Sydney, looking out over Sydney’s stunning east and west skyline, Skye by Crown Group is a 20 floor, 242 apartment building with ground floor retail outlets, a top-floor gym and an infinity edged rooftop pool with views to be envied. 

All of this style and aesthetic appeal built into the premise meant that the most intelligent home automation needed to be factored in to ensure the comfort, safety and wellbeing of all residents and their guests.

The level of achievement was confirmed when Skye by Crown Group took home the 2017 top accolade at the Master Builders Association NSW excellence in construction awards, being named the winner of the “Residential and Mixed-use Development Buildings. Open Price Category”.

It is now considered the norm for new buildings to be “Connected”. The trend of connected Smart Living will continue to grow, opening a new era in the digital and electrical building fields. As a contractor, it is vital to keep your finger on the pulse in this exciting and ever-evolving landscape.

This development project is part of Crown Group Holdings, an Australian property management enterprise that specialises in property investment and serviced apartments.

As a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand provided its top selection of customised automation systems, which emulated Sky by Crown Group’s vision of supreme contemporary living. The products selected for this project were:

  • Classe300X13E intercom system
  • Automation, Temperature control, and 
  • The 10” touchscreen.

legrandThe systems are designed for room temperature maintenance, door entry control (either locally or via smartphone), and also to oversee the centralised supervision of the whole apartment block.

Legrand’s Arteor coverplates added that sophisticated touch perfectly, adding a new level of luxury, with their genuine materials and impeccable aesthetics.


If you want to keep up with the trends of connectivity, smart homes and streamlined living, choose Legrand for your next project.

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