Coloured Acrylic Table Centrepieces

Gold coloured acrylic sheets from Allplastics Engineering were recently utilised by the University of Technology in Sydney, at a major Design and Technology exhibition. The exhibition featured the designs of dozens of university students and graduates. The gold colour was chosen to attract attention on exhibition tables along with custom printed messages on the walls including information relating to each exhibit.

The organisers were absolutely joyous about the outcome. Penelope Allan, Professor of Landscape Architecture, commented “…we thank the Allplastics Architectural team for providing UTS with the gold acrylic mirrors at short notice”. She added the acrylics were a safer and lighter choice than
glass mirror and we thank Vic Kalloghlian and his team for a stunning result, we received glowing comments from many of the visitors”.

Allplastics acrylic mirror centrepieces would create a stunning effect in any number of situations; for example, wedding venues, anniversaries, birthdays, special events, product launches and colour themed occasions.

Although custom cut Discs are the most popular item, we also cut numbers, letters, heart shapes and logos utilising our CNC (computerised routing equipment).

Our acrylic mirrors are available in a large array of colours including gold, silver, grey, anthracite. bronze, blue, red, green, pink and haze. Matt finish is also available upon request. Allplastics can also arrange printing logos and messages on the Acrylic mirror sheets.

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Key Features • Easier and safer to handle than glass
• Excellent shatter resistance
• Highly tough back coating
• Lightweight material
• Reflective qualities are second to none
Applications & Functions • Child care centers
• Dance studio walls
• Food service applications
• Panels in venues e.g. night clubs, casinos, and children toys
• Point of Sale and cosmetic displays
• Slat and decorative walls
• Store design and fit outs
• Suitable only for internal applications
• Visual merchandising
• Food courts.Anti Vandal glazing
Availability Availability of EUROMIR® Sheets Sizes:
• Size (mm): 3000 x 2000
• Thickness (mm): 3
• *Silver also available in 6 and 10 against special orders

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