Colorbond Guttering Prices

colorbond gutter installation

Colorbond sheets are used for purposes such as residential, commercial, and industrial additions. Their metal sheets are usually aggregated with other steel or aluminium making to form elements such as roofing. Their product is sold under the brand name Colorbond.

Colorbond in Australia

Colorbond gutters are a type of colour-coated steel product that is made by BlueScope. The company was originally owned by BHP, the mining giant. before it changed its name. They are best known for their production of steel sheets coated with bitumastic or other types of paint.

Colorbond Gutter Costs

Colorbond gutters can be bought by homeowners, gutter installers or building contractors for their domestic or industrial projects. The price of these guttering materials is dependant on the colour selected, length, width, thickness, how many joins are required and whether a quad gutter will be used. Every guttering job is different and each needs a different material. For example, two 90 degree bends are usually way cheaper to have installed than 90 degree bends with multiple x-sections. The price for Colorbond gutter is also dependant on the length of your run, which can be very difficult to determine without a way to accurately measure. As a general rule of thumb, the gutter installer should allow 10% extra for each meter in length or two meters, whichever is greater. You should clean gutters once every six months using cups or a pressure washer.

Colorbond gutter replacement prices are generally based on the dimension of your building, then there is the price for installation and lastly, there is the price of any extras you request to have with your stainless steel, zincalume or aluminium gutters or guttering system. A typical Colorbond cost per square meter in a home in New South Wales will be between $50 and $70, and labour costs are usually an extra $150 which can vary depending on the gutter replacement contractor. There is no need to purchase a Colorbond gutter cover as these are included in the price of the gutter replacement.

Colorbond Guttering Price Per Metre

Here is an example of some commonly used guttering dimensions and their costs per home. This assumes that the gutters are to be made in one length without any joins.

Please be aware that these prices do not include installation and vary between each guttering installer. All estimates need to be confirmed before the job commences, or take that into account.

Please remember that your local Colorbond steel, zincalume or aluminium gutter installation specialist can offer you advice specific to your project and/or area, so make sure you ask them the right questions.

Colorbond steel gutters run from approximately $39 per square meter installed for “standard” roofing profiles using no-frills fabrication and installation service. On the other end of the scale, you can expect to pay around $65 per square meter installed for a custom fabricated and colour coated “designer” home guttering profile using an exotic “high dollar” fabrication process that includes special steps and accessories.

Colorbond Quad Gutter

If your home roof has multiple ridges, valleys or sloping sections guttering will cost more to complete. If you have an unusually large roof area guttering can be more expensive. The reasons for the price increase are due to the increased amount of fabrications and time taken to install a Colorbond quad gutter on a house. Special care is also needed to be taken during installation so that the finished profile of the Colorbond gutters is aesthetically perfect. Especially if they are made of quality materials such as stainless steel or zincalume.

colorbond quad gutter installation
Colorbond Quad Gutter Installation

Gutter Replacement Costs

The price to replace gutters or the entire guttering system of your home is dependant on the height of the roof and the number of sections. Installing new gutters can be up to double the cost as compared with having existing gutters repaired.

The gutters repair costs should not exceed $300 per square meter for a straightforward colour change or guttering repair. These prices can vary depending on the time of year, gutter installer and location.

Colorbond Repair

There are a number of factors to consider when trying to establish a budget for the guttering cost of repairs or replacements, including colour selection, measurements of the existing rooftop, current gutter and their profile and shape, accessibility from the ground level along with roof structure.

Types of Colorbond Gutter Repair

There are two ways in which to repair or renew gutters. The process depends on the profile of your gutters, whether the gutters are straight or curved with a few bends if any. It is regarded as easier and quicker to re-profile an existing roof gutte using new stainless steel or zincalume guttering.

Repairing and Replacement Options

In most cases, the existing gutters can either be sandblasted and repainted with a new colour or if required they can be replaced completely. When the gutter system is worn, has a lot of water overflow, it is advisable to re-profile your existing Colorbond roof which includes replacing all guttering, downpipes and cappings. The cost will increase if the roof area is above 500m2 (25% to 33%), or if there are multiple ridges, valleys or sloping sections that require work.

Re-profiling an existing roof with new steel guttering can be up to double the price as compared with having existing gutters repaired. This process will take longer because all the old guttering, downpipes and capping must be removed. The gutters are then replaced with either new or re-profiled guttering systems.

The price of colorbond roof repairs varies depending on the cost of labour involved in your location along with your geographical location. The price also varies according to the type of guttering and downpipe you want to be repaired or replaced. Guttering costs for colours such as black, white and brown will not cost any more than basic colours such as blue, green or red.

Quad Gutter Price Per Linear Metre

The price of a quad gutter is typically around $120 per linear meter for a standard installation and can go as high as $200 depending on the shape of your roof. The more difficult the roof profile, the higher the price. Installation costs are extra and depend on many factors such as the difficulty of application, amount of additional work required and any hazardous access requirements. Sometimes, if the job is extremely difficult and time-consuming, the gutter installer may need to charge more than $120 per linear meter as it can be very hard work on some roofs.

As an example, a guttering cost for a three-bedroom house in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia would have a quad gutter price between $550 and $650. Guttering costs for a two-bedroom house in the western suburbs will be cheaper at around $420 to $510.

Colorbond Guttering Price List

Type of GutterPrice per Square Meter
Colorbond Gutter$39
Cross Modified$45
Cross Cut$60
Designer Guttering$65

Colorbond Fascia and Gutter Prices

Colorbond Fascia Price $20 per square meter

Installation Cost is usually an additional $25 per square meter

Additional costs for Colorbond Gutter Covers or Downpipe may also apply. Total cost to install/build standard roofing (eaves only) = approx $55 – $66 per square meter.

  • Standard linear profile, no-frills fabrication and installation service, 10% added to total job cost for each additional metre
  • Cross modified linear profile, no-frills fabrication and installation service, 10% added to total job cost for each additional metre
  • Cross cut profile, no-frills fabrication and installation service, 10% added to total job cost for each additional metre
  • Designer lineal profile, high dollar fabrication process, designer colour coatings applied in the factory, specialist “exotic” fabrication equipment used in the production facility. 20% added to total job cost for each additional metre

Colorbond New Gutter Costs

A gutter runs the entire length of a roof and its primary purpose is to contain and divert water that flows off the roof. It does not include downpipe installation.

Gutters vary in price depending on their size, material composition, how they are joined together (joins are required when two or more pieces are cut at an angle), whether they are 90-degree bends or 180 degree bends, how many 90 degree bends are required, whether there are any x-sections involved (these make it easier to install long lengths without having multiple joins) and if you require additional features such as colorbond gutter covers.

Colorbond Gutter Prices for Standard Sizes

As with all home renovation projects, it pays to do your homework. To get a better idea of what you can expect to pay for your own Colorbond gutter installation, look up how much other homeowners in your area typically spent on their colorbond roofs and add 10%, 20% or even 30% if you want extra features such as colour coating, particular join types etc. By doing the leg work upfront and comparing prices, you can avoid nasty surprises and choose a reputable and reliable roofing contractor that offers great value for money.

A rate cost of $25 per square meter is included. Price does not include costs of any additional materials such as downpipe, colorbond fascia, gutter covers. The average price for a Colorbond roof installed by an experienced trained roofing contractor is approximately $55-$60 per square meter.

Cost of Colorbond Gutter Installation

The cost of Colorbond gutter installation and gutter replacement can range from approximately $55 to $70 per square meter installed for standard roofing profiles using no-frills fabrication and installation service. It depends on the gutter installers that will be working on your home roof. On the other end of the scale, you can expect to pay around $90 per square meter installed for a custom fabricated and colour coated “designer” roofing profile using an exotic “high dollar” fabrication process that includes special steps. This price will vary depending on the size of your roof, how many modifications or features are required, and how far it is from the Colorbond factory so you need to get quotes from at least 3 local contractors before making a final decision.

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