Clear Polycarbonate Overcomes Tunnel Vision

Vic Kalloghlian, Managing Director of Allplastics Engineering was at the launch of an incredibly interesting Model Train Station Exhibition at a beautiful residence Sydney’s North Shore. Simon Ford is part of a model train enthusiasts club that meets every month. An exquisite range of model trains are run on tracks in various venues and members’ backyards.

The photos attached illustrate a Railway Station that Craig Guerin at Creative Iron built in Darwin. Craig is described as a “genius welder of steel”. The station is a combination of “Waterloo” style; “Crystal Palace” and “Steam Punk”.

The metal components were powder coated internally in rust red and outside in metal silver.

Allplastics provided the solution of covering the roof of the stations with a flexible, unbreakable polycarbonate spool which curved over the station and the sides of the trains. This allowed the observers to see the trains moving in and out of the station whilst offering protection from wind and rain.

In addition; fluoro red acrylic rods were supplied for the illuminated roof of the station. This added a colourful edge to the model train display especially at night.

“We thank the Allplastics team for contributing to the incredible outcome of this project” commented Simon Ford.

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