Can your facade clean itself?

How would you like it if your façade could clean itself? Well, with Agrob Buchtal’s HT ceramic tiles, this is possible. Say goodbye to ongoing cleaning costs and hello to a self-cleaning surface! HT ceramic tiles are safe, long-lasting and efficient, making them an ideal façade choice. HT is a proprietary system incorporating specific materials during the firing process which last the lifetime of the tile.

HT ceramic tiles

By the action of light, the catalyst activates oxygen which effectively breaks down moss, bacteria, algae, fungi and mould. Simultaneously, the formation of new microorganisms on the façade’s surface is impeded. This elimination of microorganisms continues across the entire life of the building. The result is a façade that is protected from greening, without needing to use any harmful biocides.

Sun and rain perform the effective and environmentally friendly cleaning of your façade free of charge. When it rains, a water-thin film is formed on the hydrophilic ceramic surface. This film of water ensures all dirt particles are removed and detached from the surface. This self-cleaning effect prevents the adherence of dirt, thereby effectively reducing cleaning costs across the entire service life of the façade.

HT ceramic tiles help to actively break down air pollutants and fumes. They also impede the growth of moss, algae, mould and other microorganisms, as well as significantly reduce cleaning costs associated with the façade surface. If you’re on the lookout for a tile that is safe, long-lasting and efficient, HT façade tiles are the ones for you!

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