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Specifier Australia provides a list of resources for anyone looking to build their own house in Australia. We help you find the right architecture, engineers and builders for your project.
The process of building a house in Australia is more complex than one would imagine. There are many different types of licenses or qualifications needed to build each type of property, not to mention the new laws and codes that come into force all the time. Building regulations have become more complex and restrictive over the last few decades. All of this will be a surprise to someone new to Australia looking for friendly, simple solutions to building their dream house in their chosen location.
Building a house in Australia can be very complex and it is not recommended that you attempt to do this without the assistance of a licensed builder. Australian home builders face a myriad of regulations that vary widely between states, territories and local governments. Licensing and registration requirements also differ depending on whether the proposed building work will be carried out in new or existing homes.
Our home building tips and knowledge hub will help to take the confusion out of building a house in Australia. To build a house in Australia there are numerous government agencies that your project needs to comply with including The Australian Building Code (ABC) governs the requirements for all building work.

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