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Specifier Australia will provide you with some of the most common questions asked about construction in Australia. We answer questions like ‘what a linear metre is’ & ‘what is a laser level’.
All the questions are sourced from common questions which are frequently asked across the internet in Australia. It is a good idea to read the FAQs before you start the process of constructing your home so that you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.
The Builder FAQs include questions on:
• The difference between meters and linear metres • What is a laser level & what is it used for • When should I start paying my builder in Australia • How do I know if I am getting ripped off by my builder • Are underfloor heating systems popular in Australia? • Is there any point in bothering with building inspection reports in Australia? etc
Linear metre in Australia
Builder FAQs

What is a Linear Metre

Have you ever wondered what a linear metre is, particularly as an Australian? Our comprehensive guide aims to answer just that

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