BTUs to KWs (Converter, Table & Formula)

BTUs to KWs

BTUs to KWs table convertor | Kws to BTUs conversion table | What is a British Thermal Unit? | What is a Kilowatt? | What is the average size air-conditioning unit?

The formula for BTUs (British Thermal Units) to KWs (Kilowatts) is:

3412.142 BTU hours = 1 kW hour

1000 BTUs = 0.293 kW

BTUs to kWs Table Converter

BTUs (British Thermal Units)kWs (Kilowatts)
3000 BTUs0.88 kWs
5000 BTUs1.47 kWs
6000 BTUs1.75 kWs
7000 BTUs2.05 kWs
8000 BTUs2.34 kWs
9000 BTUs2.63 kWs
10000 BTUs2.93 kWs
11000 BTUs3.22 kWs
12000 BTUs3.51 kWs
13000 BTUs3.80 kWs
14000 BTUs4.10 kWs
15000 BTUs4.39 kWs
16000 BTUs4.68 kWs
17000 BTUs4.98 kWs

KWs to BTUs Conversion Table

kWs (Kilowatts)BTUs (British Thermal Units)
1kw3412.142 BTU per Hour
2kw6824.284 BTU per Hour
2.1kw7165.4982 BTU per Hour
2.5kw8530.355 BTU per Hour
3kw10236.426 BTU per Hour
3.5kw11942.497 BTU per Hour
4kw13648.568 BTU per Hour
4.5kw15354.639 BTU per Hour
5kw17060.71 BTU per Hour
5.5kw18766.78 BTU per Hour
6kw20472.85 BTU per Hour
6.5kw22178.92 BTU per Hour
7kw23884.99 BTU per Hour
7.5kw25591.06 BTU per Hour
8kw27297.13 BTU per Hour
9kw30709.27 BTU per Hour
10kw34121.42 BTU per Hour
11kw37533.56 BTU per Hour
12kw40945.70 BTU per Hour

What is a British Thermal Unit?

A British Thermal Unit or BTU abbreviated is a unit of measurement for heat. It’s how much heat is required so that one pound of water by a single degree Fahrenheit. Heat is actually considered equal to energy and joule (J) is the modern SI unit. One BTU converts to around 1055 J. The metric system uses calories as a legacy unit for energy. This system calculates how much heat is required to increase the temperature, in intervals of one gram of water by one degree celsius. One BTU converts to around 252-gram calories. You can use our conversion table above to convert BTU to kW. Our calculator did all the conversion for you for the most common BTU power usage.

What is a Kilowatt?

A kilowatt (kW) is a simple measure of power. 1 kW has 1000 watts (W) so that means you won’t need any conversion calculator since, for example, 10 kW will be 10000 W units. It’s very easy to convert between kilowatt units and watts units for total power consumption. Each item has power associated with it. This can either be displayed in kW or W. 

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a measurement that defines how much energy you’re actually using per hour. Most people think it means your hourly energy consumption, but it’s a common misconception. It’s a unit that defines how much energy you’d be using if you had a 1000 watt appliance running for one hour. You can use our conversion table above to convert kW to BTU.

What is the Average Size Air Conditioning Unit?

Getting an air conditioning unit should never be a rushed choice. It’s expensive and a long-term commitment that will have an impact on your total power bill. When it comes to size, bigger ( higher kilowatt power )is not always better because having a larger unit can increase the total power use, make the room too hot or too cold and actually causes more wear and tear on the entire system. 

The same goes for a unit that is too small, with fewer kilowatts, which will dry out the air too much and increase power usage since it won’t achieve the required temperature. 

If you have a small room of around 20m2 a 2-2.5kW unit is recommended. 

Medium to large rooms of around 30-60m2 should use a 3kW to 6kW unit

And larger than 60m2 should use anything from 6kW and above.

The power required could be looked at around 1 kW per 10-metre square. This is a rough conversion for kilowatt power. You can use our conversion table above to convert kW to BTU power and you can even calculate BTU hr. If we take 3kW as an example convert it would be around 10236 BTU.

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