BTicino’s ‘smart’ solutions: keeping you connected in the simplest way

Networked devices have become ingrained in contemporary living. The Internet of Things allows for the relationship between humans and everyday objects to become closer than ever. This connectivity has opened up incredible opportunities for the building sector.

Already a key player in this digital era, BTicino has developed ‘smart’ solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Bringing connectivity literally to your doorstep, the CLASSE300X13E is BTicino’s latest connected internal video door entry system. Combining ‘smart’ technology with elegant design, the user communicates with a smartphone or tablet through the integrated Wi-Fi. This means they can answer calls, manage video door entries or control lighting at any time from a remote location.

‘Smart’ product, ‘smart’ installation

While the CLASSE 30013XE is a connected device, it has been designed for smooth and simple installation with no Ethernet configuration required. The team at BTicino has made sure there is no building work involved, so nothing changes for you as an installer. Here are a few key points about why it’s so easy:

  • Installation is the same process as a regular 2 wires video internal unit.
  • Designed for wall-mounted or tabletop installation.
  • Ideal for replacing any old 2 wires internal units.
  • In three simple steps, your system is ready to go and able to communicate with your smart device with free of charge App.
  • Extendable to any customer needs.

BTicino’s YouTube video provides an excellent ‘how-to’ tutorial for how to install the unit:

To simplify the purchase process, streamline installation and maximise all the connectivity features of door entry, the latest hands-free Video Kit by BTicino comes with the CLASSE 300X13E and the Linea Push-button Entrance Panel. For a one family installation, the kit has all the essentials. For a two family installation an additional 2-wires internal unit is required. Legrand’s latest brochure provides detailed installation information for all of BTicino’s Door Entry Systems, as well as instructions for both the ‘Easy’ and ‘Professional’ kits.

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