InBrick from PGH Bricks & Pavers is set to give architects, builders and developers even greater choice when it comes to building with brick.

Combining the lasting beauty and durability of brick with all the benefits and efficiencies of precast concrete, InBrick is an inlay brick system that embeds genuine clay brick tiles into precast concrete panels. These precast panels can be for structural or non-structural purposes, depending on the building type and application. InBrick enables brick façade design to be dramatically and easily brought to life on high-rise commercial and residential projects.

For architects InBrick means greater design flexibility. It provides a structural design solution using conventional precast methods that accommodates arches, headers, soffits, and multiple coursing patterns and brick sizes. The range of colours, sizes and textures from PGH Bricks & Pavers on offer, from traditional brick finishes to precision look glazed options, is limitless … meaning anything is possible.

According to Rob Sindel, Managing Director at CSR, “One of the most impressive things about InBrick is its speed of install and versatility. It can be used on high-rise buildings and at angles, or overhead for soffits and ceilings. And the large ranges of colours, textures and different brick sizes, means architects and designers have a huge choice.”

For developers and builders InBrick provides a structural design solution using conventional precast methods of installation. It doesn’t require additional labour on site or post installation surface treatment. Mr Sindel says; “InBrick is quick and easy to install. Being manufactured offsite and delivered ready to install, construction times are reduced, which means cost savings for builders and developers.”

InBrick accommodates any brick shape or size and can be used on a variety of project applications – pre-cast, tilt-up or cast in place. And because it has a genuine brick finish, InBrick is very low maintenance.

For precast contractors, who want fast cycle times, InBrick provides a tried and tested system that reduces labour time and is easy to handle and assemble, unlike anything else on the market. InBrick can be assembled on any bed, without the need for a subfloor or specialised forms. The single use design means no liner wash-down is required between cycles and no dedicated brick bed allocation.

The benefits of InBrick are many, including:

  • Achieves a real brick look and feel
  • Design flexibility with limitless range of brick colours and textures to choose from
  • Accommodates arches, headers, soffits and multiple coursing patterns and brick sizes
  • Combines the aesthetic of brick with the benefits of precast concrete
  • Cost-effective way of achieving intricate brick detailing
  • Easy to install with accelerated construction and enclosure times
  • Extensive design and technical support from PGH Bricks & Pavers – one of Australia’s largest brick manufacturers.

With InBrick the look of brick can now be used to stunning effect in the design and construction of concrete structures. It offers a genuine brick finish for projects where precast concrete panels are required. InBrick allows innovative, complex and precise bond patterns to be brought to life quickly and cost effectively resulting in stunning brickwork elevations.
InBrick from PGH Bricks & Pavers is going to revolutionise how architects, builders, developers and precast contractors look at using brick.

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