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Bricklaying is a skilled trade that requires years of experience. The techniques and tools used are unique to the trade, so even if you have no intention of becoming a bricklayer yourself, this blog post will provide some interesting insights into the world of bricklaying.
The most important part of any building project is ensuring that the foundations are stable enough for whatever structure is being built. This stability comes from carefully laid bricks that form an interlocking pattern with each other in order to create a strong base called “bricking”. Bricklaying skills can be passed down through generations, making it one of those trades that never goes out of fashion.
Bricklaying is all about precision and attention to detail. That’s why it requires so much training, practice and apprenticeship before an apprentice can even think of becoming a fully-fledged bricklayer. Although you have to use some special tools when laying bricks, the most important factor in doing this well is your hands. Bricklaying is not just about getting the bricks to fit together perfectly, it’s also about matching the mortar between them for a seamless appearance.
Bricklayers are sometimes confused with plasterers who use plaster and cement to cover over brickwork in order to finish a room off nicely. In actual fact, both trades have some overlapping skills but are very different, with plasterers using a variety of tools to apply their materials. Our Resources will examine bricklaying and the different techniques that you’ll need in order to be a competent bricklayer.
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How to Lay Bricks?

Specifier explains how to lay bricks, what mortar is, the types of mortar, which type is stronger and long-lasting and some useful tips about bricklaying.

Bricks on house

Bricks vs Concrete (Masonry) [2021]

The difference between bricks and concrete masonry, their use, cost, advantages and disadvantages in their use and where is best to use them.

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