Brand new Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art

On 8 September 2018, a new centre for contemporary art will open to the public at Goldsmiths University, bringing innovative works from around the world to South London’s doorstep. The Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art aims to be a bustling forum for artists and members of the public alike, building on the university’s world-class reputation for art practice and providing an endless source of inspiration to stimulate debate and artistic appreciation. The centre will blast off with a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Mika Rottenberg, before featuring subsequent shows by a wide variety of artists, including Kris Lemsalu, Alexis Hunter and a presentation of work by the Chicago Imagists.
The centre is being designed by Turner Prize-winning collective Assemble, who are repurposing Victorian-era baths and cast-iron water tanks to house the incoming artworks. bringing works from around the world to South London’s doorstep.
“The cast-iron water tanks have a powerful materiality which will be preserved and amplified, whilst new top-lit galleries will provide a rich spatial counterpoint in an ensemble offering unique opportunities for the display for art,” states Assemble architects Paloma Strelitz and Adam Willis.
Close up of water tank wall, Goldsmiths CCA

Sarah McCroy, director of Goldsmiths CCA, anticipates that such a unique and contrasting space will be both exciting and challenging for artists, students and the public. She hopes that it will provoke and inspiring different ways of working and thinking.

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