Bespoke Acrylic Furniture, We Love It!

a1 Acrylic-Table

If you require a custom-made desk for your boardroom, a specially designed feature in your lounge room, or a display case in a shopping centre, why settle for something “off the shelf” and mundane?

a2 Acrylic_Furniture

Allplastics fabricates a wide range of acrylics in Clear, Frost, Coloured, and Acrylic Mirrors suited to your specific requirements, room size and colour preference.

a3 Acrylic_Vases

Their facilities and expert tradespeople are trained to cut, bend, polish, CNC Router (computerised cutting), and machine prototypes, as well as production runs, from 1-1000!

a4 Allplastics_CNC_Routed_Acrylic_Piano_Cover

Please visit their showroom or website for a selection of materials and ideas for your next bespoke requirement.

a5 Clear-PEP_UV_Satin_Orange_Table

a6 PERSPEX_Pearlescent_Table_Creation_La_Cava_Concepts3

a7 Perspex_Coffee_Table

a8 White_Acrylic_cladded_furniture

a9 Acrylic-Table-2

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