Apple’s Waterfront store in Chicago

Chicago, in the architecture world, has always known to be trend-setting. This is based on the amount of skyscrapers and greystone structures that fill the skyline. On Michigan Avenue, or otherwise known to be a rather history area, a new landmark has opened and fits in perfectly with the design legacy of both the area and the company that commissioned its construction.

On October 20th, Apple at Michigan Avenue opened its doors to the public. Foster + Partner, a Pritzker Prize winner and architects behind Apple’s space-age Cupertino headquarters as well as the new Apple store in Singapore, designed the structure. The place boasts with hyper-minimalism as it is comprised of four glass walls that are supported by concrete pillars and an ultrathin carbon-fibre roof that is specifically manufactured to withstand the rough winter weather. The location creates a great nexus point by linking the North Michigan Avenue with the Pioneer Court and the Chicago River. Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer states that “Apple Michigan Avenue is about removing boundaries between the inside and outside while reviving important urban connections within the city. It unites a historic city plaza that has been cut off from the water, giving Chicago a dynamic new arena that flows effortlessly down to the river.”

Apple has been a part of the Michigan Avenue since its opening back in 2003 but this new location aims to both reimagine the Apple Store concept as revitalize Chicago’s Riverwalk area. Instead of just being a place that someone visits to buy or fix an iPhone, Apple’s idea was to design a space where the community could “hang-out” in a culturally rich environment. In order to create some traffic in the new space, Apple is hosting “The Chicago Series”, which is a series of events that focuses the attention on the intersection of technology and community programming beginning the 23rd of October. At least the design of the store is aesthetically pleasing! – it makes waiting for the new iPhone X a little more tolerable.

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