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For an air conditioning system to provide maximum comfort all year round, you should have the size of unit suitable for your needs. If you are buying a new air conditioner, make sure that it's energy-efficient and certified under Australian standards. A refrigerated air conditioning system will cool a room more effectively than one using an air-cooled system.

Split Systems: A split-system unit consists of two parts - the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is mounted on a wall and is connected to the power point by three cables - electricity, control wiring and refrigerant piping. The indoor unit usually sits near an external window or door. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, fan and condenser coil. It draws warm air from inside the room through a filter into the cooling coil where it's cooled by the refrigerant. Driven by the fan, this cooled air is distributed back into the room through a grille or ducts.

Ducted Systems: Ducted systems circulate cooled air throughout your home using ducts running through your ceiling. They're not suitable for installation in all rooms because of the high cost of an air-cooled unit of the same size. They're also not as convenient to install.

Air-Cooled Air Conditioners: These are the smallest, least expensive units available. They're permanently installed in a window or wall and cooled by extracting air from outside and circulating it through a built-in coil. Because they have no indoor unit, they can't be controlled independently of their surroundings. They are very energy efficient if they're used in a small room.

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How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost To Run?

Ducted air conditioning system costs to run and the differences between split system and ducted air conditioning. Here at Specifier read about the costs and what is best for you to choose.

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How Much Does It Cost To Run An Air Conditioner?

We all worry about how much it will cost us to run an air conditioner at home. At Specifier read about the running costs for different types of air conditioners.

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What Do Those Air Conditioning Remote Control Buttons Mean?

If you buy a new air conditioner for your house, it is a common situation to get yourself confused with all the remote buttons. We are here to help.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ducted Air Conditioning

If you’re thinking of replacing your air conditioner, check out the current cost of a ducted system before shelling out for a new one.

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How Much Water Should Drain From Air Conditioner?

Water could drain according to specific requirements for an air conditioner. Stay with us and read about water in your air conditioner.

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How Much Power Does A 2.5kw Air Conditioner Use

Air conditioning systems usually tend to make enormous electricity bills. Learn how to calculate running costs and what type of AC unit you need for your home.

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What Symbol is Heat On Air Conditioner?

The heat symbol on air conditioners is one of the most common symbols used by appliance manufacturers. If you’re wondering what the heat symbol looks like for your specific brand, this article will help.

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Split System Air Conditioner Installation Cost [2021]

Split system air conditioner installation cost in Australia and the estimated cost of installing it in your home and all the fees included.

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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need [2021]

We write about the size of split systems and ducted air conditioners needed for your home, shop or office and how to calculate the size.

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Best Air Conditioning Temperature in Winter Australia [2021]

The best air conditioning temperature in winter in Australia for split air conditioning systems and for ducted air conditioners.

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning vs Gas Heating [2021]

We write about the reverse cycle air conditioning vs gas heating, advantages and disadvantages, cost and prices of running them

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Bulkhead Air Conditioners Cost [2021]

Bulkhead air conditioners cost in Australia, price of bulkhead air conditioner and cost of installation, their use, and the way they work.

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Multi Head Split Systems (Price & Costs) [2021]

Multi head split systems prices and installation costs and the difference between split systems and ducted systems, and their pros and cons.

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Central Air Conditioning System [2021]

What is a central air conditioning system, are they affordable, what is the best type of air conditioners for central air conditioning?

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Air Conditioner Light Blinking [2021]

Air conditioner light blinking, air conditioner flashing light, troubleshooting green light blinking, and how to repair similar issues.

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