A Silver Lining

Making an Impression with Acrylic Couture

Recently, Allplastics supplied a beautiful panel of Acrylic Couture at the Shear Talent Boutique. Shear Talent offers a range of expertise in both men and women’s styles, but they sought an installation that would convey the same sense of beauty that they strive to deliver to their customers. Acrylic Couture was the obvious solution.

Acrylic Couture is a new light plastic. Made in Italy, these are carefully selected materials that are suspended within a sheet of crystal clear acrylic, in order to be put on display. These materials take on an ethereal effect when illuminated by a light source, as the particles appear to glow from every angle.

Specifically with this project, the customer chose Silver Fiocchi as the material of choice. As part of the Fiocchi range of Acrylic Couture, thin silver metal flakes hang delicately within the transparent plastic. As Shear Talent has done, the LED lighting surrounding the piece highlights every contour and ripple in the metal to create a magical illusion.

Silver Fiocchi panel.


In addition to providing the Acrylic Couture panel, Allplastics laser engraved an acrylic sign with the company name etched into it.

Allplastics offers a variety of similar, but uniquely beautiful pieces of Acrylic Couture. Other styles include Gold and Copper Fiocchi, as well as more exotic materials such as feathers and Malachite. Panels are 2,400mm x 1,000mm.

Acrylic sign, etching and LED lighting surrounds.

More information can be found on the website.


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