A downlight that dares to be bold!

HPM’s DLI Downlight Series just got a little extra bold, with the arrival of its latest Black Ring Downlight. The sleek black finish on the fascia makes this light ultra-modern, adding a pop of contrast to any décor.
Not only does it make a bold statement with its contemporary aesthetics, it is also known for its reliable operation, prolonged lifespan of 35,000 hours and warranty of 3 years. The LED also includes an integrated driver, which ensures the correct level of power. This means it will perform an optimal level while using the lowest amount of energy.
The downlight also features a ‘screw-less’ terminal cover for ease of installation. Adding to this, you can also select from Warm or Cool White, in 90mm or 70mm diameter cut-out, to create the perfect ambiance within a space.
This is one brazen downlight! If your client wants to make an unabashed statement to their interior design, dare them to be bold with HPM’s Black Ring LED! www.hpm.com.au

Check out the specs on the Lighting Products Showcase, proudly brought to you by Australia’s gurus in the lighting field, Lighting Art & Science. www.hpm.com.au

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