Smile green with Legrand’s Vortex LED Highbay

Sustainability has become a key focus for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint and operate according to regulatory standards.

As a result, a growing number of manufacturing and industrial facilities are turning to LED lighting. Not only does this provide a great reduction in energy usage but also reduces the carbon footprint.  The prolonged lifespan of LEDs will enable companies to see a significant reduction in maintenance and upkeep costs.

As part of their CSR responsibility, Legrand switched from metal halides to LED luminaires, which was supported by the Australian Government’s iPart Energy Savings Scheme. Constructed from die-cast aluminium with an IP65 rating, the lightweight Vortex LED Highbay was installed in the factory and distribution centre.

Watch how the Vortex LED Highbay brought Legrand’s manufacturing space to life and greatly reduced the company’s carbon footprint with the support of the iPart Scheme.

Reduce costs, improve working conditions and smile green by switching to the Vortex LED Highybay.

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