3D-printed pollen lamps mirror what is seen beneath the microscope

Swiss designers Regine Cavicchioli, Roman Jurt, and Michael Kennedy have created a new, colourful lamp inspired by the appearance of pollen beneath a microscope.

Each design mirrors the specific contours, curves, and edges of a different spore, providing a unique range of shapes that can be matched in different configurations to create an attractive and versatile statement piece appropriate for home and office.

The precision 3D printed design with nylon powder uses selective laser sintering technologies. There’s a wry irony to the design: such playful, bulbous are based on the main triggers for hayfever, including grass, birch, ragweed, dandelion, sunflower, and ash pollen. Don’t worry: these lamps will not leave you feeling stuffy or congested.

For more information and to purchase the lamps, see their site here.

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