Look Into 6 Cool Tech Offices by Bates Smart

Start-ups and entrepreneurs are all the rave bringing a revolution to corporate culture. Play and productivity are partners. Cubicles and corridors have been overtaken by an open flow of people and ideas, bean bags and ping-pong. At least this is the view from the surface. For architects, the new world office is much more. It should say that something can grow from nothing.

Large partitioned office, overview (B&W)

Image via American Express

Bates Smart has taken the design challenge to realise the vision of the future as seen by the most influential tech giants. “The workplace vision of tech companies can be anything but technological, preferring spaces that mirror their start-up beginnings, and give the “best” spaces to their staff rather than a traditional client facing front of house. They also want to create a strong team culture, while recognising the strong need for focused individual work that leads to truly innovative outcomes,” writes Philip Vivian and Cate Cowlishaw in the June 2016 Tech issue of the Bates Smart journal.
Take an inside look at 6 “new-age” corporate interiors.

Twitter / Sydney CBD


Image via Bates Smart

Facebook / Sydney CBD

“The design nurtures an environment which derives its creative energy from the culture of a start-up company which never reaches maturity.” – Simon Swaney, Bates Smart Director


Image via Office Snapshots

Facebook, Sydney

Image via Bates Smart

Campaign Monitor / Sydney CBD


Image via Bates Smart

CHE Proximity / South Yarra, Melbourne


Image via Bates Smart

Brookfield Multiplex Engineering Innovations Group (BMEIG) / 106 Flinders Street, Melbourne


Image via Bates Smart

Whybin / Pyrmont, Sydney


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