EGGER Headquarters, St. Johann in Tirol (AT)


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A cutting edge design of two four-storey buildings connected by an atrium is the new EGGER headquarters.

Back in 2008 the brief stipulated an environmentally friendly design, employing EGGER products, with an open and healthy atmosphere in the company’s innovative style. Seven years later the architect Bruno Moser has more than satisfied the company’s requirements, with the headquarters being the fourth building he has created with the distinctive EGGER look. The entire company product range is used, including those from furniture and interior design, wood construction and laminate flooring sectors. Thanks to the high degree of prefabricated wood construction, the buildings were completed in just 12 months from the ground-breaking ceremony.

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EGGER OSB 4 TOP, compact laminate with black and white core, Eurolight, laminate, Eurodekor, OSB Combiline, MDF, ProAcoustic, ABS edges

Decors: W1000 ST9 Premium White, W980 ST9 Platinum White, H3344 ST36 Highline Oak, H1334 ST9 Light Ferrara Oak, U732 ST9 Dust Grey, U702 ST9 Cashmere, H3078 ST22 Hacienda White, H3081 ST22 Hacienda Black, U321 China Red, U961 ST9 Graphite Black, U750 ST9 Light Grey, U741 ST9 Lava, U963 ST15 Diamond Grey

Colourful cubes in the foyer: U114 Yellow, U329 Tangerine, U332 Orange, U328 Lipstick, U321 Red, U323 Chilli Red, U311 Burgundy, U701 Platinum, U533 Polar Blue, U522 Horizon, U537 Brilliant Blue, U514 Baltic Blue, U525 Blue, U506 Marine, U147 Melon, U142 Lime, U634 Velvet Green, U625 Apple Green, U630 Lime Green, U632 Grass Green, U628 Green and EGGER digital print decor Heartwood Ash.

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Laminate flooring:

  • H1003 Valley Oak mocca ST65 aqua+
  • H1055 Bardolino Oak ST56 aqua+
  • H1026 Vintage Knoxville Oak grey ST43 aqua+
  • H1001 Barrique Valley Oak ST65 aqua+


Customer / builder:                    FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG (AT)

Architect:                                   architekturWERKSTATT Bruno Moser, Breitenbach (AT

Interior designers:                     SCHWEBIUS GESTALTUNG Michael Schwebius, Prien am Chiemsee (DE)

                                                  Johanna Egger Innenarchitektur, Munich (DE)

Fabricator:                                 Wood construction:

                                                  Holzbau Saurer, Höfen (AT)

                                                  Atrium and management offices:

                                                  Barth Innenausbau, Brixen (IT)

                                                 Restaurant and meeting areas:

                                                 Tischlerei und Möbelhandel Sepp Hofer, Oberndorf (AT)

                                                  Furniture and offices:

                                                  Schreinerei Daxenberger, Seeon (DE)

                                                 Compact laminates:

                                                 Möbelmanufaktur Margreiter, Breitenbach (AT)

Time period:                              March 2014 to March 2015

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